Base Team Balkan Team

* The whole 160.000 Km route of the March is divided in 6 parts:

1. New Zeland -> India
2. India -> Moscow
3. Moscow -> Rome

4. Rome -> New York
5. New York -> San Josè (Costa Rica)
6. San Josè (Costa Rica) -> Punta de Vacas (Argentina)

route *
Name Country Age Profession / Biography Motivations #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
Alexander Mora Mora Alexander Mora Mora Costa Rica

San Josè

 President of the Commission on Human Rights, Latin American Parliament
 To promote a culture of world peace, and inclusive, green and sustainable development for all. To raise awareness that when states invest in arms, they invest in the annihilation of human beings, and government budgets would be better spent on education, health, housing, and human rights.
Alvaro Orus Andreu Alvaro Orus Andreu Spain


Andres Leonardo Salazar White Andres Leonardo Salazar White Colombia


 Principal, Erasmus Humanist School of Rotterdam. High school Philosophy and Geography teacher. First aid.
 To witness the beauty of the world and learn about cultural diversity and, above all, to be part of the team that–through its purposeful message–brought about a more humane world.
Angelika Klatte Angelika Klatte Germany


 Translator and Interpreter with administrative abilities.
 I feel honored to be a part of the first worldwide march like this, where people come together to say no to war. I am grateful for the chance to experience this historical moment.
Ariadna De La Rubia Spain


 Book publisher, collector, author. Humanist. Founder of World Without War and Humanist Education Forum. Activist for non-violence, disarmament and pacifism.
 Viajar, conocer gente, apoyar una iniciativa a favor de la Paz…
Aurora Marquina Aurora Marquina Spain


 To support the New Humanism movement, and encourage the inspiring and mobilizing image of peace and conscience in the world–and into the future.
Bhairavi Sagar Bhairavi Sagar India


 Market Researcher and photographer
 To ask world citizens to take a stand so coming generations live in a world without wars. This experience will enhance my perception of the world, and allow me to devote myself to a cause I believe will better it. I have worked with the Humanist Movement in Mumbai, India since I was 12 and would like to use this opportunity to learn Spanish and Italian with the people I meet along the way.
Cecilia De Toma Cecilia De Toma Italy

ladispoli (RM)

 I believe that nonviolence is the only choice we have to remove the blanket of injustice that has settled on our world. I want to give my contribution to this project paving the way for hope, and to show people what is already a reality in my heart: a wor
 I believe that nonviolence is the only choice we have to remove the blanket of injustice that has settled on our world. I want to give my contribution to this project paving the way for hope, and to show people what is already a reality in my heart: a world without violence, in which we can all be united. Let’s build it together!
Charles Lasater Charles Lasater United States

Anderson, Ca 96007

 Architectural design, Computer Graphics, Teacher
 It is necessary to represent the USA to let the world know that the majority of us wish to contribute to peaceful resolution of conflict. We are all humans and must join in basic agreements to create peace.
Dieter Hemminger Dieter Hemminger Germany

75228 Ispringen

 Retired Reverend in the Evangelical Church
 A peace activist since the age of 18, I’m a member of the managing board of Germany’s International Fellowship of Reconciliation, and I’m in full support of the WM’s goals.
Emilia Giorgetti Emilia Giorgetti Italy


 Physicist/Researcher in Materials Science
 I refuse war as a means to solve disputes among nations, or support the economies of the developed world. I hope this effort can stimulate the diffusion of the non-violent approach to problems, particularly in those countries where the differences among the people are dramatic.
Francesca Izzo Francesca Izzo Italy

MILANO 20123

 Medical Doctor: Pediatric Anesthetist
 The World March for Peace and Nonviolence is an epic poem written by people: we join our voices to say nonviolence can change the world, and let the echo sound all over the planet.
Fulvio Faro Fulvio Faro Italy


 For years I’ve participated in the Humanist Movement and dreamed of changing times–that last push to the old, violent world, to usher in a breath of fresh air. The World March is that breath, and I want to experience it fully, including final, decisive peace.
Horacio Arias Terrón Horacio Arias Terrón Spain

Pozuelo de Alarcon

 Journalist and college Professor. Skills: press conferences, spiritual acts.
 I want to help put an end to violence among people, and to the world’s wars.
Hourdin Gérard Hourdin Gérard France

76700 Gonfreville l’Orcher

 Chauffer/Tour Guide
 Aleardy deeply involved in many humanitarians issues…
Je suis très attaché aux valeurs humaines, j ai deja fais un tour du monde don plusieurs expéditions à caractères humanitaires
responsable de la commission Monde au Secours Populaire Français
j’ai 56 ans et je n ai jamais connu la guerre , mon souhait le plus chère , est que cela dure encore pour moi , pour nos enfants et petits enfants …. et cela dans le monde entier
inmaculada prieto gil Spain


 -una oportunidad unica de sumarse a otros por una misma aspiracion
-como enfermera ayudar si es necesario a los demas componentes de equipo
Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois Switzerland


 Journalist, Reporter, Editor, and Life Coach
 The WM is the continuation of my commitment to promote peace, harmony and unity among people beyond races, religions, social and cultural differences. (Which I pursue on my site,, a compilation of positive, international news with the criteria of joy, loyalty, courage, nobility and beauty), I am planning to write and talk about this initiative to Swiss and French media, and hope to publish a book about the experience in 2010.
Jacqueline  Melo da Silva Jacqueline Melo da Silva Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

 Communications and Film student.
 To help spread awareness for nonviolence, so that people no longer think violence is natural. I’m looking forward to being part of the beginning of a society based on a new mentality.
Juanita McKenzie Juanita McKenzie New Zealand


 Mother of five; skills: coordination, time management, first aid and communication.

I have been involved in three very different peace groups before helping to co-found two worldwide peoples movements in New Zealand. The first, Humanitys Team,gis a spiritual movement focusing on our interdependence and interconnectedness with each other and our earth. The second movement I have been working with for the past two years is Transition Towns which focuses on creating a positive community response to resource scarcity as a result of peak oil and climate change.

 I believe in Gandhi’s words, “be the change you wish to see in the world,” and this march can unite people in the common goal of choosing peaceful solutions to our many national and international challenges. There is a growing consciousness that humanity desires change to the dangerous path we are on, and we can be the change.
Juha Uski Juha Uski Finland

4000 Roskilde

 Writer, Videographer, Translator

Juha Uski has participated in the Humanist Movement since 1990 in Finland, Denmark, Zambia, India and other countries. He has translated several books, held a countless number of workshops on personal and social change, initiated social projects such as a cultural club and a neighborhood newspaper, and started or participated in various political and pacifistic campaigns. Currently he is a member of the Nordic team of World Without Wars and Without Violence.

Juha Uski holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Roskilde University, where he is currently studying for a Master of Arts degree in History and Educational Studies.

 Diverse cultures and points of view are of the utmost value on this type of mission. Being from Finland, living as an immigrant in Denmark, and having experience on campaigns of active nonviolence in various continents, I believe I can give a valuable contribution to this worldwide march.
Diverse cultures and points of view are of the utmost value on this type of mission. Being from Finland, living as an immigrant in Denmark, and having experience on campaigns of active nonviolence in various continents, I believe I can give a valuable contribution to this worldwide march.
Kai Eberhardt Kai Eberhardt Germany


 Coding Specialist; Cook, Butcher and various craft skills
 I participate out of love of myself, of human kind, and the planet. I don’t want to go on watching a greedy few bring society, and the world, into great misfortune.
Lars Rosenblum Sorgenfrei Lars Rosenblum Sorgenfrei Denmark

DK-2200 Kobenhavn N

 Musician and Poet. BA: Political Science, MA: Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness
 What reason do we have for waking up each day, but to strive for peace on earth?
Liliana Piastra Liliana Piastra Spain


 Translator, Conference Interpreter
 I was born abroad, in exile, because of wars. I hope that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will not know violence and it is out of that hope that I march.
Lucie Fialova Lucie Fialova Czech Republic


 Masseur, Tao Meditation, Mind/body/energy healing, and PC skills.
 This march is an amazing way to connect people in peaceful energy, and I hope to restore Mother Earth to health through our open minds, hearts and spirits. I hope to return to a time of unity, humility and the celebration of life, and thus transform the world.
Luis Silva Garcia Luis Silva Garcia Spain

La Rinconada (Sevilla)

 Enfermero de Urgencias
Marco Inglessis Marco Inglessis Germany


 Environmental Researcher
Martine Sicard Martine Sicard France

MADRID- 28014

 A nomad at heart, I want to share the message of nonviolence through my sense of adventure, particularly in Africa, where I hope to see the seeds of World Without Wars flourish.
Miguel Hirsch Miguel Hirsch Germany


 Biologist, Photographer, Activist. Public Relations help.
 To promote peace and understanding around the world is a dream. Through this World March, we will promote the Humanist view, and I have profound faith that this change of consciousness will make the world a better place for our children. These simple but important works will make us a part of history.
Miguel Angel Fernandez Miguel Angel Fernandez Spain


 Psychotherapist, Activist, Humanist with Photography and Graphic Design skills
 The objectives of the World March coincide with my most profound aspirations. Taking a message of peace and non-violence to the world, and being a voice for the majority of humankind brings me great pride.
Montserrat Ponsa Tarrés Montserrat Ponsa Tarrés Spain

08480L’Ametlla del Vallès

 Journalist, Magistrate, Writer, Activist
 I think the World March, calling for peace and non-violence from people across 6 continents, is a great challenge. I’m passionate about people, understanding how they live, what they think, and how they raise families, even in conditions of extreme poverty.
Montserrat Prieto González Montserrat Prieto González Spain


 Administraci�n (Economista)
Oralia Leticia Pacheco Oralia Leticia Pacheco Mexico

M¨¦xico, D.F.

 Neonatal Pediatrician, Accupuncturist
 To participate in this movement and create awareness in the greater need to revert to a more natural form of human interaction; one without violence, world peace.
Pepa Benitez Ordoñez Pepa Benitez Ordoñez Spain

Perales del Rio (Madrid)

 Social Education, Computer Technician, Graduate in Arts and Crafts
 Impulsar el paso de la MM por Panamá, acompañar para ver la llegada de la MM a varios paises de Latinoamerica, y apoyar en todo lo posible en lo relativo a la Educacion en la No violencia. Miembro de Mundo Sin Guerras-Foro Humanista de Educación y el Centro de Capacitacion en la No Violencia
Petra Maria Elisabeth Klein Petra Maria Elisabeth Klein Germany


 Creator/Director of the Centers for Human Development ® Butterfly Garden in five world cities. Author. Psychology and Dance Therapy Degree.
 To contribute to world peace through verbal communication and the unity of different cultures. The world requires the “force of the Union.”
Pierre Hennico Pierre Hennico Belgium


 Science student, Basic first aid and rescue, Scouting Techniques in different natural environments, Internet skills
 This unprecedented event brings a message of peace and gives voice to the voiceless. Participating shows all aspiring to live in peace that we are at a crossroads and must choose nonviolence. Personally, the march is a continuation of my life’s work. I strive to bring people together as a facilitator, educator and scout.
Rafael  De La Rubia Rafael De La Rubia Spain


 Book publisher, collector, author. Humanist. Founder of World Without War and Humanist Education Forum. Activist for non-violence, disarmament and pacifism.
Raffaele Salemmi Raffaele Salemmi Italy

Monopoli – BA

 Imprenditore nel ramo del riciclaggio materie plastiche…Commerciante.
 Dimostrare il valore della parola “pace”, della necessita’ di porre fine alle guerre nel mondo e perche’ sono convinto che vivere in un mondo senza guerre ampia le possibilita’ di ridurre le incomprensioni, motiva il dialogo e gli scambi interculturali e facilita la nascita di relazioni umane, sociali, culturali ed economiche sconfiggendo le crisi e superando le barriere delle diversita’. Personalmente desidererei tutto questo e per testimoniarlo la presidenza del comitato mondiale dei giochi mondiali della pace mi ha affidato (nella persona di monsieur yves angelloz) mi ha affidato un compito di rappresentanza istituzionale da rendere pubblica nel corso della marcia mondiale e durante gli eventi previsti per ogni tappa. Il comune di monopoli (prov. Di bari) che finanzia la mia partecipazione intende fortemente di potersi fregiare del titolo di citta’ della pace e della non violenza e di contribuire, per quanto puo’ essere possibile, a rendere maggiormente evidenti questi valori e questo messaggio in ogni luogo in cui potra’ farlo. Personalmente, infine posso solo concludere dicendo che sacrifichero’ con il mio impegno e il mio contributo personale a favore del gruppo base… Molto volentieri…Sia il mio lavoro, sia la mia famiglia, sia la mia stessa persona per il raggiungingimento degli scopi della marcia mondiale.
Renata Taddei Renata Taddei Italy


 Psychotherapist, President: Associazione Onlus Liberté
 Because I believe in universal values of love and peace, and only through this dance around the world can we make our contribution to light. A drop in the ocean and a sea of drops, so our earth might be happy for our children, and for children of the flowers in guns. Namasté.
Ruth Magaly Navarrete Ramirez Ruth Magaly Navarrete Ramirez Chile


 By being an active participant in the World March, I hope my motivation will help keep the team happy and in good spirits.
Sandro Ciani Sandro Ciani Italy

Ardea (Rome)

 Electric Engineer, Event organization and management.
 My aim is total disarmament across the planet and the abolition of atomic weapons. To promote nonviolence to all cultures and alleviate the suffering of the poor.
Sinthya Penn Sinthya Penn United States

 Entomologist, Insectary Owner, Grandmother
 It is necessary to represent conservatives who also want peace; our children deserve it. This march unites people all over the world and reminds us of the common good in humans. Peace is the only way.
Stefano Cecere Stefano Cecere Italy


 Researcher, blogger and musician; multimedia communication skills.
 Active in the Humanist Movement since 1996, I’ve been waiting for such an experience since childhood. I think I could really help in the documentation and story-telling of this project so everyone on the planet can know about the chance we have, as humans, to choose the direction of our future.
Tommaso Carbone Tommaso Carbone Italy


 Filming and editing, Information Technology
 I’m contributing to the World March project by joining the Base Team as a videographer, so that all the world can see our efforts.
Tony Robinson Tony Robinson United Kingdom



Freelance IT consultant for Telecommunications companies between 2001 and 2008.
Director of a Management Consultancy firm between 1998 and 2001.
Tony has worked in the UK, Spain and Germany.

 The World March is an opportunity to contribute to the global efforts to create a culture of peace through the path of nonviolence. I believe that everyone should contribute to this in which ever way they can. This is my contribution.