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5 October 2009

Day #3 video: Bondi Beach, Sydney

4 October 2009

Vamos a la playa (oh oh oh oh oh)

Vamos a la playa (oh oh oh oh oh) was the chant as we left the hotel this morning for our rendez-vous on Bondi Beach.

It is incredible the difference in everyone’s energy today. A good night’s sleep and not having to get up when it’s still dark outside really made a big difference. When […]

4 October 2009

Day #3 photos

2 October 2009

Bye bye New Zealand!

It’s been great here. Honestly, there’s been so much love. We have been greeted with warmth and generosity every step of the way so far and we are emotional to leave New Zealand.

I have to give a special recognition to Alyn Ware, the WM coordinator here. Alyn is a guy who writes documents that […]