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30 September 2009

The March and the Moriori people – an experience in the Chatham Islands

Yesterday we arrived on the main island in the Chathams, Rekohu, which literally means the ‘Sun through the mist’. The base team together with another 30 or so invited guests were met by the grandson of the last supposedly “pure” Moriori, our host, a great guy called Maui Solomon and his lovely wife Susan at […]

27 September 2009

Reception for the first members of the Base Team in New Zealand

KAMURANGI KI KAIPARA KAPAHAKA ROOPU, a maorí folklore group gave a warm welcome to the first members of the World March Base Team to arrive in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Maori music was the central theme of an emotional ceremony in which the people of Aotearoa received and welcomed the base team and became participants […]