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30 September 2009

(English) The March and the Moriori people – an experience in the Chatham Islands

(English) Yesterday we arrived on the main island in the Chathams, Rekohu, which literally means the ‘Sun through the mist’. The base team together with another 30 or so invited guests were met by the grandson of the last supposedly “pure” Moriori, our host, a great guy called Maui Solomon and his lovely wife Susan […]

29 September 2009

A new experience

(English) Although yesterday I said New Zealand is stunning, I didn’t really say why. There is an incredible landscape. Everything is so green and the mountains, canyons and rivers are all dramatic. I could talk about it but the images speak better than words. It’s very easy to see why the British wanted to colonise […]

27 September 2009

(English) New Zealand is stunning!

The WM was taken as an opportunity to inaugurate a Peace March through Auckland […]

27 September 2009

Auckland: marcia della pace e della nonviolenza

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27 September 2009

Accoglienza ai primi membri dell’equipe base in Nuova Zelanda

KKAMURANGI KI KAIPARA KAPAHAKA ROOPU, un gruppo folkloristico maori ha dato un caldo benvenuto ai primi membri dell’equipe base della Marcia Mondiale arrivati ad Aotearoa (Nuova Zelanda)

La musica Maori è stata il filo conduttore di una emozionante ceremonia in cui il paese di Aotearoa riceve e accoglie l’equipe base e si rende partícipe […]