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2 October 2009

(English) The World March has started!! Can you all believe it?

(English) After nearly 2 years of planning, hours and hours of work, countless meetings, lots of sweat and several nights of little sleep the World March for Peace and Nonviolence has finally started. Hurrah!!

Today at 9:30am in Wellington by the statue of Gandhi we launched the World March with a joyful event with speakers […]

30 September 2009

(English) The March and the Moriori people – an experience in the Chatham Islands

(English) Yesterday we arrived on the main island in the Chathams, Rekohu, which literally means the ‘Sun through the mist’. The base team together with another 30 or so invited guests were met by the grandson of the last supposedly “pure” Moriori, our host, a great guy called Maui Solomon and his lovely wife Susan […]

28 September 2009

Il popolo maori aderisce alla Marcia Mondiale per la Pace e la Nonviolenza

Eccellente partenza per l’equipe base ! Più di 250 persone sono accorse ad accogliere, il 27 settembre, l’equipe internazionale della Marcia Mondiale composta dal portavoce Rafael de la Rubia, dal coordinatore del team Marco Inglessis e da partecipanti di quattro continenti. Si sono riuniti nel cuore di Auckland, alla presenza delle autorità Maori e della […]

27 September 2009

Auckland: marcia della pace e della nonviolenza

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