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10 December 2009

(English) Maxixe, day 12

(English) Hello everyone! Today early morning we left the city of Beira bound for Inhambane, specifically the city of Maxixe. Although it was a long and tiring journey and some timetable constraints, we arrive full of energy, eager to share experiences with the staff of the “land of good people”. Rosangela (member of the Humanist […]

10 December 2009

(English) Beira, day 10 and 11

(English) Day 10/11


Yesterday, unfortunately, we did not have our event at the Estoril beach because of logistics issues L, so we took the opportunity to talk a little about the WM and go the venue of Mondays’ event in order to settle the last details. Today we made a short march that lasted […]

10 December 2009

(English) A very official reception inhambane, day 13

(English) Day 13

Today we traveled to Inhambane from Maxixe, we were greeted with song and dance organized by the local municipality. Then followed a caravan, to the mayors office, with participation of 7 motorbikes in front of the cars followed by the Base team and eight cars of government officials, municipallity and artistic groups.