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28 November 2009

(English) Amani Africa!!!


Today at 7:00 we were again on the radio PAMOJA for 45 min.

Next, we went to local government administrative offices in Kibera (DO’s office), where the march began. Kibera, the largest suburb of sub-Saharan Africa with over 1 million people, was chosen because it had a high level of violence, and earlier this […]

28 November 2009

(English) (Français) Fuerteventura, une Marche, une plage, des touristes et beaucoup de questions…

(English) (Français)

Après les boulevards de New Delhi, Paris et Tokyo, quelle curieuse impression que de se retrouver parachutés au bord d’une plage bondée de touristes allemands! Après un moment de partage avec des enfants d’une école primaire qui nous ont posé diverses questions sur notre expérience, nous avons rejoint la marche […]

28 November 2009

(English) From Maputo to Nairobi

(English) Hi,

The team that will do the southern africa route, is composed by: Carla,17, daily I’ll update you about the activities, Samira, 25, the spokesperson, Rui, 25, he’s in charge of the documentation and Ivo, 21, the logistic guy.

Today we leave Maputo towards Nairobi, 5 minutes before leave the airport, TIM, the official […]

28 November 2009

(English) Mauritania

(English) Looking through the airplane window, I see a beach… and sand that continues for thousands of kilometres. A thin black line crosses the empire of the sand: a road. In some place, the sand has overcome the road. I wonder – maybe on our way, we get blocked by the sand, or overtaken by […]