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2 November 2009

(English) 3 countries 1 day – the absurdity of the Balkans

(English) Today was interesting for a few reasons. The first was the fact that we were going to Kosovo to meet with peace and nonviolence activists in Pristina. Kosovo was in a war less than 10 years ago. The second was the ridiculous situation caused by the Balkan wars regarding the borders. The third was […]

2 November 2009

(English) Mariella

(English) It’s 7:30 in the morning and through my window I can see the yellow, orange and green woods of the Swedish coastline. Small houses and sailing boats are just a few metres away; it’s as if we were by a small lake in the south of Chile.

Mariella is a great Viking Line ship […]

2 November 2009

(English) A sparkling welcome in Prague

(English) What a special reception our friends from Prague gave us on our arrival at the airport! A band of folk musicians and dancers injected us with intense joy and we needed it! Our group has been through a little turbulence and it has taken us a few days to find the serenity and peace […]

2 November 2009

(English) in Prague! (video)


2 November 2009

(English) Copenhagen welcomes the World March

(English) It’s been an interesting day that we’ve experienced in this beautiful city, where the reigning cold is surpassed by the warmth of the citizens. As always, thanks to the local organisers, who, on this occasion, have prepared an interesting walk through Norrebro street, a conflict zone in which there are businesses of people who […]