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2 October 2009

(English) The World March has started!! Can you all believe it?

(English) After nearly 2 years of planning, hours and hours of work, countless meetings, lots of sweat and several nights of little sleep the World March for Peace and Nonviolence has finally started.  Hurrah!!

Today at 9:30am in Wellington by the statue of Gandhi we launched the World March with a joyful event with speakers and ceremonies and around 250 participants, which wasn’t bad for a cold and windy Friday morning in Wellington.  We lit the torches, waved our flags and marched.  The March went on a Peace Heritage Walk around Wellington city centre, visiting all the places connected with Peace and along the way stopped for a concert where musical entertainment was provided by various artists including Graeme Allwright who’s been with us all week, finishing with the renowned Topp Twins.  The March then went on to visit the Parihaka monument dedicated to largest Maori village in New Zealand which in the 1870s became the centre of a major campaign of non-violent resistance to European occupation of confiscated land in the area.  I recommend reading about this Movement that is virtually unknown outside of NZ.

The media came to record the start of the event and the Kiwi member of the base team Juanita was interviewed on breakfast TV this morning bringing more attention to the March.

It’s great to think that finally we are on the way.  Clearly there is a long way to go, but now all the preparations of the base team are behind them.  All the circuits have been tested and a lot has been learnt in the week prior to 2nd October.  Now it’s a non-stop series of flights and events taking our message around the world.

Although the theme of this entry is the WM launch, yesterday we also had some new developments.  We have two new members of the Base Team, Charles Lasater and Sinthya Penn from California who only originally planned to come for the launch and have ended up inspired and cancelling their return flights to be able to stay with the base team.  I’m sure these 2 wont be the last to be inspired this way (I’m even thinking about it myself).

Yesterday we also had the chance to present the WM at a meeting organised by the NZ United Nations Association, where apart from hearing Rafa’s words (read by me) the audience were very happy to hear from our very own Anna Polo who spoke about the process in the Czech Republic which led to the USA abandoning their Missile Defence Programme.

I know it’s only the first day, but the team are exhausted already!  Tomorrow we have a horribly early flight to Sydney where the forecast is for rain…

Still, rain won’t stop the March.

With a big hug,


9 comments to (English) The World March has started!! Can you all believe it?

  • Tina

    Looking forward to joining the Manila leg next week. Be safe!

  • I had no idea that the march was happening, and was delighted to be swept up by the marchers on a Wellington street outside the NZ Reserve Bank and into the celebration in St Andrews church. I think I was the only person present in a white shirt and tie – in the centre of NZs government sector.

    What a privilege to be sitting next to Bourgeois Isabelle Alexandrine, who is traversing the whole 92 day journey – I was smitten by admiration and envy.

    New Zealand can be proud that we are at the start of this extraordinary event – the world will gain strength and unity from your courage.

    Stay strong marchers.

    Kia Kaha.

  • juaned

    Thanks Kia for your comment. As you said New Zealand should be proud of this historical start of the World March.

    Thanks for your participation, and thanks Tony for your post.

    And good luck in Sydney for all of you!

  • Annabella

    Have a wonderful journey! We’ll never stop! :-)

  • what is a “Kiwi member” .. poor Juanita are you gonna eat her after lunch? :)

  • claudie

    Rain won’t stop the march… and nothing won’t stop the March.
    Tony, it’s so great !
    this “copresence” all over the world is a deep emocion
    We started too in Paris tonight ! Was great, great ! all people so happy !
    It seems it is happening something strong in the hearts.
    Thanks to everyone


  • Hola Amigos!!!
    Estoy FELIZ!!! esto en argentina ha sido una GRAN FIESTA!! Lleno de emosion y alegria!
    Ha llegado el dia !!!
    Me sorprendio la cantidad de medios de comunicacion!! al fin!jaja
    Gracias a todos por esta maravillosa marcha mundial!!


  • Felicitaciones por el inicio de esta gran iniciativa! Adelante con la Marcha Mundial por la Paz y la No-violencia!

  • Hola amigos. les invitamos a visitar nuestro prtal donde tenemos fotos del acto realizdo en Norrköping.