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18 December 2009

(English) Cape Town!

(English) Today was the last day of our route, and we can say that we closed on a high note!
Cape Town is a beautiful and unique city, here is where the waters of the Indic and the Atlantic oceans meet. People are very relaxed and friendly.

Today we had a fantastic meeting in the church (St. George), along with various organizations for Peace (Southern Africa Peace Alliance, Network Ubuntu, Youth Ambassadors for Peace, Living for Change-Gandhi’s Association, among others), and people from several countries (Congo , Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Venezuela). The environment was very festive, we saw each other for the first time but it seemed that we were old friends. The interesting thing was that almost all were volunteers and were really anxious to change the current situation, but in different forms. We shared many experiences, listen to music (for Peace) which opened our hearts and something profound happened at that moment, a connection to the essence of human being.
At the end we were very excited, hugged each other and thanked each other …
Words cannot describe the moment. Hopefully we can edit the video as soon as possible.

Thank you all, especially  Karen, Kiran, Maria and Jose.

Tomorrow we return home. Nothing will be the same …

We are millions already, and the world is changing! ;-)

Carla, Rui, Ivo, Rosângela, Sam.


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