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17 December 2009

(English) Tofinho – East Southern Africa route, day 14

(English) Day 14

Today we went to Tofinho (one of the beaches of Inhambane), a place where 500 years ago slaves were thrown against the rocks and angry waves. Today there persists a monument as a way to pay tribute to all those who were brutally raped. When we arrived we dedicate some time to meditate and reconciliate with that past so recent, and ask for a date in the future inhuman situations like this no longer exist.
From Tofinho  we were directly to  Macia (Gaza province), where we are now. We are going to spend the night here and tomorrow we will continue the travel to Manhiça and Matola’s city.


Carla, Rui, Ivo, Samira, Marta, Mauro, Rosângela, Tânia, João.


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