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17 December 2009

(English) Manhiҫa, Chopal and Matola – EastSouthen Africa route day 15

(English) Day 15

Today early morning we were in Manhiça to take part in the events of celebration of the passage of MM in this city. We were greeted with enthusiastic chants of a group of children and local humanists, then we went to the place where they would perform the ceremony with a representative of the municipality. While we sang the national anthem two flags were hoisted: World Without Wars and the World March, was a very special moment. After the hymn the BT spokesperson and the representative of the Municipality uttered a few words. Then we made a short march through the city and end with a symbol of peace in the city square where we also deliver a certificate of participation to Mrs. Ana, who’s representing the mayor, he was the 1st to join this great march.

Four  new staff  have joined  the base team, it is amazing how quickly we moved from 4 to 13, the environment is amazing!

It was a little mid-afternoon when we sailed to Maputo where our 1st stop was in the neighborhood of Chopal for the inauguration of a wall of tiles, which was designed especially for this day. Featured live coverage of RM, the official radio of the World March in Mozambique. There were performances by various cultural groups, as well as some words of the volunteers who participated in the “transformation” of  this wall, and a spokesperson for EB.

It was an excellent job, and the wall is beautiful. At the end we were all filled with tears in the eyes.

Once completed the activities in chopal, we went to Matola’s city. We arrived and there was a beautiful scenario, a group of capoeira danced around a campfire.

We started our march for an hour with torches and candles, and the Mayor marched with us. The march ended at the City Council with  an audience of dozens of people and included the speechs of the spokesperson of  Humanism for Africa, Michel Ussene, chairman of the council, Arão Nhancale and Samira Weng.
We now have the responsibility to take with  us until the end of March the flag of the Municipal Council of Matola offered to us by the Mayor .

We finished very excited, all singing “ É a nossa Paz”(“It is our Peace”)


Samira, Ivo, Rui, Carla, Marta, Mauro, Tânia, Roângela, John, Mílton, Tininho, Edite, Tércia.


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