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6 December 2009

(English) Beira/Quelimane – Day 9

(English) Hi!
As we said yesterday the group split into two. Samira and Rui went to Quelimane, Carla and Ivo to Beira

We arrived in Beira at  12am, we were welcomed by Marta (member of the Movement that moved here from Maputo in order to streamline the preparation of events). Afer that we had lunch.
In the afternoon we had a meeting with a group of humanists (about 10) who are organizing activities for sunday and monday to know exactly what is the program of the days that follow. We also use to exchange about the organisms.

Because yesterday we only slept 2 hours, we will now rest to be fresh for tomorrow’s event ;-)!

Peace, Force and Joy!

Carla and Ivo



At the end of the meeting

At the end of the meeting

more pictures here:



From the city of Chimoio to Quelimane it took more than 10 hours in the bus.
The journey was very long, but we also passed through some
important places like the bridge of  “Unidade Nacional” (national unity). On we went and around 14.30 we reached the city of Quelimane, where
we had a warm welcome from our humanists friends.
We immediately went to the event organized. It was in a garden-terrace. Very beautiful, decorated with WM banners. We had the presence of the representative of the provincial government and mayors office, some local associations and sympathizers.

In the event, we watched the video of the March, Samira spoke about the march
and experience of the African route, with pictures of the places
where we have been so far. There was the speech of the representatives of
government and the municipality, respectively, followed by the delivery of the letter and
diploma to both of them. For entertainment a members of the “Garimpeiros” (a famous local music band) sang and played with great enthusiasm, cheering the event. We finished the event in a great mood, all dancing and singing, appropriate for our own
warm country.
Tomorrow we will start the 7:30 bicycles’ march.


Rui and Samira

ps: will send the photos tomorrow

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