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6 December 2009

(English) Africaaa! – Day 8

(English) Here you will find photos of the day:


For the  2nd consecutive day, we had to wake up at 3am to get the public bus to Chimoio. After the trip of 6 hours, a significant part in non-asphalted and bumpy road, interspersed by small villages which are likely the people statistics refer to, when they talk about people living on less than a dollar a day.

Our arrival in Chimoio, was followed by a walk of an hour, carrying all the luggage, looking for accommodation (the passage of the march in this city has not had the ideal preparation).
Still, we had a reception at the City Council hastily prepared as soon as we settled (print materials in Portuguese, the ceremony program, etc).

The Municipal ceremony was the 1st act of these 2 days of March in Mozambique, there was an “conscious endorsement” of the president who is committed to provide a place to be called Non-Violence Square.

The rest of the day had two radio interviews and a meeting on organisms with a youth organization in which the mere mention of the Humanist Party involved “a reaction that prevented the dialogue” (The political scene in mozambique is characterized by fear, corruption and disbelief).

In both meetings we delivered thr two charters: “For A world without violence” and a “From an ordinary citizen to the world’s powerful,” and the delivery of a Certificate of Participation which will adorn the walls of both institutions.

Well, it’s again 1 am as I write this and prepare for a trip departing at 4:00 on public transport typically African. In fact, while two sleep, two work because we found accommodation where only two people can to sleep at a time.

Tomorrow the team will split into two “groups” (of two) to  visit Beira and Quelimane in a weekend of simultaneous events in two major cities of Mozambique.

Warm Hug

Carla, Rui, Ivo, Samira

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