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4 December 2009

(English) In the USA

(English) New York was fantastic. I share the experience described by Tony and the great thankfulness for the organizers and the special guest dr. Lafayette for the inspiration and the energy transmitted between us on those moments. Nothing to add about that first day.

On the second day, a group of marchers walked through the […]

4 December 2009

(English) The World March goes to Hollywood

(English) [I’ve added photos to the March in New York: see the entry here and then come back :-)]

It just keeps on getting better and better in the USA!

Of all the places on the World March agenda I had expected this place to be the most low-key. I came here about 10 years […]

4 December 2009

(English) (Español) La jaima

(English) (Español) Tras hora y media de camino escoltados por la policía, llegamos a la jaima, montada en medio del desierto. Una orquesta de cuatro músicos enfundados en sus túnicas azules tocaba recostada en una tarima. La gente se iba sentando en un banco recubierto de almohadones que flanqueaba toda la tienda. Yo me busqué […]