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2 December 2009

(English) Day 5 and Day 6

(English) Hello,

The Internet access here is a little complicated, that’s why we haven’t updated.

Yesterday (01.12), we participated in a march on the occasion of World HIV / AIDS day between 9 and 14 hours, with the participation of thousands of people, including community leaders, organizations, government representatives. The march began at Mulungushi (conference center) and ended with some speeches and cultural activities in the Show Ground (a place where most local celebrations take place, like the Independence Day for example). Originally, we thought we would have time to have speech, but due to lack of coordination with the hosts of the event it was not possible.
In the afternoon, we had a meeting with a journalist ZNBC (Zambian National Broadcast Centre).

Today, early morning, we went to Linda Compound, a peripheral neighborhood on the outskirts of Lusaka, to meet the local humanist community and to exchange about some aspects of the movement. It was a visit / meeting full of great learning.
After we got back from Linda we went to the Ministry of Defense to deliver the Manifesto and the Charter for a World Without Violence, after sending us to different departments, finally managed to deliver it to the Permanent Secretary, of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, we were received very well, and he stressed the importance of peace in Africa.

Our passage through Zambia is over! Tomorrow we depart towards Tete, Mozambique.
Despite some organizational problems, we are very grateful for everything.
A big thank you to Miniver (local organizer of the WM)!

Here the lyrics of the “Humanist song” we sang during the march through Linda Compound:

The Humanist Song

“Revolution we make, our minds awake

We are humanist all in our hearts

We are a movement of people so fully aware

How  the changes will urgently start

See how big is our dream, we will grow as a team

Building future with peace force and jooooy

Our time has arrived our future is bright

Our time has arrived our future is bright

Full of freedom and hope all for you”


Carla, Rui, Ivo and Samira

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