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28 November 2009

(English) From Maputo to Nairobi

(English) Hi,

The team that will do the southern africa route, is composed by: Carla,17, daily I’ll update you about the activities, Samira, 25, the spokesperson, Rui, 25, he’s in charge of the documentation and Ivo, 21, the logistic guy.

Today we leave Maputo towards Nairobi, 5 minutes before leave the airport, TIM, the official tv station of the WM in Mozambique, made an interview

We came to Nairobi, about 6pm. After filling out multiple forms to obtain a visa, we can finally find Elias, a member of the humanist movement, who was waiting us patiently (the plane was delayed 1h20 minutes !!!). I must say the traffic here is chaotic from the airport to the Ben’s house took us 2 hours (another member of the HM, who kindly gave us one of his house’s room, so we’ll stay here in these 3 days).

When we arrived we only had time to leave the bags and run to Pamoja Radio, heard by 1 million Kenyans, to attend an interview of 20 minutes. The interview was conducted mostly in Swahili, which is the language most spoken by local people, Ben  gave a general context of the March and presented us, and we had the opportunity to say a few words

Tomorrow is the day the main activity here,  we will march to Kibera from Kibera (peripheral neighborhood with a high rate of violence). The event will start at 8 in the morning and end at 4pm, in the course I mentioned, there will be cultural part, some speeches by local members of the movement and the base team, is also expected the arrival of the one member from government. Hope that  friends from Uganda will came and join us.

Early in the day, we are back on  Pamoja’s radio to talk more about the event.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all the details!

Now, after an excellent dinner prepared by the Ben’s wife, and some conversation and planning for tomorrow, we are going to sleep.

You will find some pics here

A hug for everyone.

Carla, Rui, Ivo and Samira.

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