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16 November 2009

(English) Toledo Park

(English) This train is the AVE, travelling at almost 300 km per hour from Madrid to Malaga. I see a dry, agricultural landscape go swiftly by.  I meditate on what I’ve recently experienced: a very brief visit to Toledo Park, hurried as we were committed to a very brief tour of Toledo and our quick departure for Atocha station.

A park still in construction which we reach by doing a symbolic March from the roadside where we were received by a small group of Masters, sharing the moment with those who have also come marching from Portugal and the Middle East.

Full of emotion, we decided to give a symbolic banner also, the one of the World March with the signature of each one of our members to the Park, represented by these Masters who, in some way, reflect the work carried out by thousands of Humanists and project the dream of a profound work; meaningful and transforming.  Of course, despite the rush (a constant on this March), we take a few minutes for a short ceremony, a request for our inner and profound peace, for peace for our loved ones and for our aspiration towards a profoundly human world, where Peace is no longer a request but rather the obvious and minimum way of life for every human being.

I meditate on things heard and spoken about in these days: a lot of denunciations, many words used to attack those who supposedly do things badly in this world, sometimes one feels a strong resentment towards “others”, chosen according to everybody’s preferences.  A lot of pain probably real and justified, but what remains at the end is fear, hopelessness, a feeling of absurdity.

I think and talk with friends: what leads to this type of discussion?  What effect does it produce in others?  What effect does it produce in young people?  I think about if these people, sometimes so wise or prestigious, have thought about the effect their words have?

I see people in so many parts of the world; tired, disillusioned, failures.  They no longer believe in speeches because they bring nothing.  Criticism, as true as it may be, does not build nor leave anything on which to be able to advance or grow.  Young people are abandoned, seeking images, spaces, to find validation.  And they hear criticism; they hear adults who speak badly to each other, who threaten with even worse worlds than the ones they are living in.  And therefore, it’s easier to flee, to forget, to deny the world, to escape to different realities, to deny everything.

Eduardo, a friend I recently met in Budapest, I thank you for sharing these concerns with me and the ability to wander into the construction of new images, examples that show the details of millions of positive actions of construction of a new consciousness.  In these various Marches that we’ve been doing, we have met many more positive cases than negative.  Let’s make books with them, films, photos.  Let’s spread the kindness of the Human Landscape, the achievements, the advances.  Let’s fill the hearts of young people with a new hope, let’s open spaces so that they (and not us) may create their own images and on that basis create this human world to which we aspire.  It’s more interesting to sew seeds of new trees, than to destroy damaged ones, and it’s what I aspire to do day by day, until the shoots, stalks and trunks start to be seen of a new complementary, integrating and human stage.

7 comments to (English) Toledo Park

  • Matias

    Hola Micky,
    Muy lindo testimonio e interesantes reflexiones…
    Lo meditamos juntos, a la distancia.
    Saludos y mucha suerte en el tramo ibérico!

  • esther delvenne

    Hola Micky

    Sigo tus comentarios desde el comienzo de tu recorrido.
    Gracias por transmitirnos tus reflecciones.
    Gracias por mostrarnos tu corazón.
    Gracias por ser nuestros ojos en el recorrido.
    Cariños de años Esther

  • Heber

    Hermoso Micky, comparto plenamente. Esos discursos encendidos y llenos de furia ya no llegan a los jóvenes, ya no los mueve. Es el tiempo de la persuación, el intercambio, la convergencia. Es el tiempo de la no-violencia.
    Un fuerte abrazo, nos vemos en Mendoza

  • Bee

    Gracias Micky! que asi sea!

  • Que tus reflexiones, que son un pedido profundo, lleguen a muchos oidos y se abra el entendimiento. Gracias Micky!!

  • Luis Sanchez

    Querido Amigo: Gracias por compartir tus reflexiones, he sentido y pensado mucho de lo que relatas…que alegrìa no estar solo en estos
    cuestionamientos. Amigo(s)mucha fuerza para tì en esta hermosa travesìa por nuestro planeta.

  • Micky, comparto tus reflexiones y aspiraciones, con las tuyas se fortalecen las mías.

    Abrazos y que sigas escribiendo… está fenómeno, porque traes a mi corazón las impresiones de lugares tan distantes y al tiempo alimentas mi espíritu no violento hacia la transformación integral.