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13 November 2009

(English) Balkan Team round up

(English) The Balkan Route started from Turkey on the 28th of October and finished in Switzerland on the 9th of November.  It covered 10 countries over 13 days.  We met 2 presidents, did 7 marches, formed 3 peace signs, met numerous organisations and activists and spent about 70 hours in a bus.

32 people in all were on the bus, plus the 2 drivers and over this time many new friendships were made.  We have laughed a lot on this trip.  We have had unique experiences and been to places we probably would never have thought to visit.

Many people have made this trip possible and my personal thanks go to all of them, without writing down a long list of names for fear of missing someone vital off the list.  The logistics (both in the host cities and on the bus), video, photography, organisation, materials and speakers have all been great and everyone has done their best to represent the highest values and ideals of the World March and its ethical charter.

Most of all, I think I speak on behalf of the team when I say a big thank you to all the friends in all of the cities and towns that we’ve been to over these day who have come out to support us.  And I fully echo what Isabelle wrote previously.

Here’s a picture of the Balkan Team members.

Balkan Base Team Members

Balkan Base Team Members

From left to right:

row 1: Manu, Dino, Camilo, Giorgio, Marco, Paolo, Max, Stefano
row 2: Giorgio, Vincenzo, Michela, Stefano, Manuela, Patrizia, Roberto, Roberta
row 3: Stefano, Marco, Marina, Selvete, Tony, Mensur, Olga, Mikhail
row 4: Kostas, Vasiliki, Nikos, Evita, Violeta, Erato, Eduardo, Caner

As for me, I leave the World March until New York.  I’ve spoken with Juha in the base team and he promises that he’ll start writing from Barcelona, so if he doesn’t write then please bombard him with e-mails!

And finally, thanks for everyone who has sent in comments about the blog and who like to keep up to date with what the WM is doing around the world.  Your comments are a great encouragement to us all and are greatly appreciated.

With a big hug until New York,


6 comments to (English) Balkan Team round up

  • Tena ko Tony. Great to hear (and see) that the march is still going strong. We often think of you all and send our best wishes. Susan, Mana and I have booked our airfares to Argentina to be there for the end of the march and are looking forward to it with much enthusiasm. Please give our warm regards to all those of our friends who came down to Rekohu and also to our Kiwi rep, Juanita, who I hope is having the experience of her life. Me rongo, Maui and Susan.

  • claudie

    thanks for this great sintesis and for the pics of all the actors of this part. Congratulations to all

  • Byju Pallikandy

    Great! Great job.

    Include Some more photos of the events.

  • Matias

    My congratulations to all the team. Altogether made a great thing until now!! Please, Tony, enjoy your “vacation” and get some rest, so you can come back with energy for the US part…

    Big hug,

  • Juan E.

    Gracias Tony!! muy buen trabajo has hecho y un ENORME esfuerzo para poder estar ahí.

    Gracias de nuevo y nos vemos en PdV

  • Robi

    HI Tony!
    in the name of the balcan’s Team I would to tell you one thing:
    THANK YOU !!!
    You were the real surprise of this our trip for us!!!

    The World March in the Balcan’s Countries was great, stressfull, but it was also a fundamental human experience!
    thank you to everybody in our Fellowship of the Balcan Bus :)


    as usual… sorry for my english ;)))