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2 November 2009

(English) Copenhagen welcomes the World March

(English) It’s been an interesting day that we’ve experienced in this beautiful city, where the reigning cold is surpassed by the warmth of the citizens. As always, thanks to the local organisers, who, on this occasion, have prepared an interesting walk through Norrebro street, a conflict zone in which there are businesses of people who come from different cultures, races, religions, and thought, and often with racial conflicts.  Our visit was announced beforehand, asking them to come into the street in front of their businesses with the aim of having a dialogue with us and the neighbours who, just like them, are residents of this neighbourhood.

The members of the Base team enter into all the shops, and we give them a few flyers in which we invite them to share some time with us.  With some we have interesting communication; butcher, barber, pharmacist, hairdresser, restaurateur…

They come out of their doors and after a while, we made a human chain holding hands, and other citizens passing through the area joined in.

In the early afternoon in Christiansborgs Slotsplads in this beautiful city of just over 500,000 inhabitants, the seat of the Danish Parliament and Monarchy, and which is according to the locals, one of the best cities to live in, we listen to the words of the Bolivian Ambassador, Eugenio Poma who has endorsed the WM and explained the satisfaction of President, Evo Morales, regarding our journey.  After a few words by Micky Hirsch, we start a walk with torches through the city centre with the presence of a hundred people.  A dinner serves for the meeting with the organisers who, just like in all the peoples and citizens we meet, display sensitivity towards peace and coexistence.  Maybe the whole world is already sensitised and our purpose is out of context?

With these words, I want to give thanks for the hospitality we received and again reiterate that we are many, the people of this globe who have the same aims, to achieve a world of justice, without weapons, without wars, without violence.  The yearned for world of human beings.

Montserrat Ponsa

2 comments to (English) Copenhagen welcomes the World March

  • Remígio (Mozambique)

    Great initiative the human chain with all diferent races!
    And yes, I’m also starting to think we are many! :D
    Thank you Montse for the post, we missed the news! :)
    Keep on going strong, we are all with you.

  • julio cesar puente

    espero que las potencias dejen su egoismo de origen economico, y piensen en el planeta que les vamos a dejar a las nuevas generaciones.