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1 November 2009

(English) All dressed up and no where to go!

(English) Well things didn’t quite go to plan today!  This is an understatement.

In our meeting yesterday in Ohrid we had been told that we had a confirmed meeting with the President this afternoon at 4pm.  So, this morning when I got dressed, I put on my shirt and tie to look smart and then I put another 3 layers on top of that to keep out the cold.

I decided to take it easy today and to try to avoid my cold getting worse.  This meant I just slept on the bus during our first two stops of the day.  I could hear from inside the bus that the others were having fun and enjoying themselves but I felt like crap.

By about 2pm some doubts were emerging as to whether we actually had a confirmed appointment; Dean was a bit unsure and was trying to verify it.  Nevertheless we left the other team members about 3pm to head to Skopje while the rest made one more stop.

We organised for 3 of us to go in a taxi and 3 went with Dean’s car.  Dean had wanted all 6 of us to go in his car but it’s in such a bad condition that I’m surprised he hasn’t injured himself or a pedestrian before now.  The gear box screams when he changes gear and he’s frequently got one hand to his ear with the phone, the other hand on the gear stick while trying to steer the car with his elbow!  Dino touched the air-inlet into the car where the conditioned air normally comes and the thing fell off in his hand!

We got to the President’s residence just before 4pm.  Is it a coincidence that his neighbour is the US Ambassador?  Hmmm…  Anyway, we went up to security, and of course, they knew nothing about our coming.  We tried to call the contact that brought us the news, but he wasn’t answering.  Tensions started to rise and our sense of humour was strained.  The security guards were pleasant enough but there was no way they were letting us in to the grounds of the President’s residence so after threatening to denounce our appalling treatment we left.

Later on in the evening event the Professor turned up and apologised profusely saying that there’d be some terrible mix up with the President and that he would pass on whatever we wanted to the President…

I can’t be sure if this is a case of a political snub (knowing that we’d ask about NATO and troops in Iraq and Afghanistan) or it really was just a case of bad coordination.  We may never know.

This evening after dinner we were treated to a fantastic brass band event.  I’ll try to get the name and post it on here.  They were fabulous!  Although with one ear blocked from my cold, I am a bit deaf at the moment, which may have been a good thing…

Anyway, it’s 11pm and I’m having a relatively early night, hopefully my cold will have gone in the morning.

Big hug


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  • aurelio

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  • Francine

    Hope you feel much better soon!

  • Matias

    Hi, Tony, please take care and hope that flue goes away soon! Best regards, Matias