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20 October 2009

(English) The World March in the Kurdish Festival

(English) Photos about the Kurdish Festival in Diyarbakir ( Turkey) for the celebration of the World March for the Peace and Noviolence.

festival Kurdo for the Peace Festival curso por la Paz

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4 comments to (English) The World March in the Kurdish Festival

  • Ashyti

    I’m a peace worker who is living in Diyarba and working for peace in Kurdistan. When I heard about world march, I was really excited. But after I met your group who came to Diyarbakir, honestly I disppointed a lot. They don’t have any information about the situation of Kurds and Turkey. And they only had meeting with people who is on the power. I suggested them to see the people who are suffering by state violence but… And photo above is not celebration for world march or festival. It’s demonstration of request for solution of Kurdish problem in Turkey which Turkish state never answered.
    And also team has communication problem. I tried talk with the team by English, Turkish, and Kurdish but it was almost impossible to let them understand what is important on Kurdish issue in Turkey. Krudish problem is one of the major issue related with peace in Tureky and Diyarbakir is center of Kurdish struggle. Even you stay in Diyarbakir entire your trip of Turkey will not be enough but you stayed only one day. I feel that you just come to show. I hope your next march or march in other country will be different therefore I’m writing you this comment here.
    Good luck.

    • Ceren&Rosarlia

      Merhaba Ashyti,
      Ne yazik ki, Diyarbakir.daki baris yuruyusunde bulunlar, grup hakkinda dogru ve yeterli bilgiye ulasamadigini dusununmekteyim.Orda bulunan herkes kurt sorunun farkinda olup ve bu sorunun biran once cozulmesini desteklemek icin biraradalar.Oradaki grup organizasyonlarini seyahat icin gereken ucak,konaklama,yeme icme vs kisacasi butun masraflari devlet dahil hicbir yerden para yardimi almadan kendileri odeyerek ,silahlarin ,siddetin olmadigi insanlarin baris icinde yasayabilecekleri bir dunya icin oradaydilar. Gerceklesmesini umuyoruz. Ceren&Rosalia

  • Ayurami

    Tony son cosas que pasan, sólo por favor no lo vuelvas hacer, nos e que haríamos los que te leemos a diario para estar informados de todos los movimientos del equipo base!
    Please don’t do it again!

  • Elsie Dean

    I think Tony is not a good traveller and I am wondering why he is on this ‘peace mission’ he doesn’t seem to have the spirit for it. Nothing but complaints and nonpeaceful comments and fault finding. Maybe he should stay home.