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5 October 2009

(English) Day #3 video: Bondi Beach, Sydney


4 comments to (English) Day #3 video: Bondi Beach, Sydney

  • Isabel

    Hello friends,

    just to let you know that my grandmother follows your path everyday on her atlas. She puts a pin on the city you’re in and asks me to update her. She prays for your safe and fruitful trip and sends her love.

    Wishing you all the best, hugs to all

  • Roxana Felgueres

    que no decaígaa!!!!!!!!… los sigo on-line!!.. estoy feliz porque acabo de unirme a un quipo promotor en mi ciudad aki en argentina!!! =D… vamos sumandoo!

    Saludos! P.L.U.R

    Paz- Amor- unidad – Respeto!

  • claudie

    wery well done !!! this video is great. Thanks. Please go on giving us some new every day !! We are marching with you !!!

  • Teresa Tomassoni

    Congratulations on getting through your first few day’s of the march! Your travels around the world are no doubt inspiring lot of people to join you in this movement for nonviolence. But what are your suggestions for communities who want to sustain the same inspiration you all have while marching in their own communities and once the world march is over? Please post any relevant ideas or thoughts on my blog post “Brooklyn Ahimsa!”