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2 November 2009

(English) in Prague! (video)


31 October 2009

(English) Denmark – Copenhagen (video)


25 October 2009

(English) the World March in Japan

(English) our dear friend Makiko just sent us this japanese webpage for the World March:

THANK YOU MAKIKO!!! we all hope to see you very soon.

24 October 2009

(English) [sc01] Forward Backwards!


it was not my intention, but i’ll walk like a crab: i’ll go a bit backwards.

a few weeks ago i left Italy joining the Base Team with the idea of publishing every day some photos, videos, diaries… but at the end i could just record a lot: as many external images as […]

24 October 2009

(English) Canada sings for the Base Team!


27 September 2009

Auckland: caminata del patrimonio de la paz y la no-violencia

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Todas las fotos con copyright de Nastassja Downey

17 September 2009

(English) CecioTV #00

(English) first episode of my video report of the March! i’ll join the Base Team in New Delhi on 10 october!