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6 December 2009

(English) Day 7 – Zambia Mozambique

(English) Hello

The day began early for the SouthEast Africa team, so by 4 a.m, we had to drive the bus station, where we were to leave Zambia by 5 a.m bound for Mozambique, specifically the province of Tete. The journey from Lusaka to Katete lasted 6 hours, and the border with Katete Tete, lasted more than 1h, our arrival at the border was characterized by problems of lack of transportation from the border to the city, which led to the group would negotiate personal transportation since at the time we reached the border there were no more buses. Followed by a very long trip, about 4 hours on the road.
Remigio and Anayde, waited for our arrival in the city center. After that, a planning meeting and information about the other provinces trough which we will pass very soon. To end the day we had a short interview for the radio at dinner table.
Tomorrow we will leave early towards another city: Chimoio!
Carla, Rui, Ivo and Samira

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