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27 October 2009

(English) World March for Peace and Nonviolence – Programme for Istanbul – Geneva section 27th October – 9th November 2009

(English) Tuesday 27th October


13.00 meeting at Kadikoy at 13.00
14.00 press release in Kadikoy Square.
between 20.00 – 23.00 hrs a mini conference and concert will be carried out at a culture center in Taksim

Wednesday 28th October


11.00 am, the team will be welcomed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Cultural and Social Affairs Department’s Director and Assistant Director.  Say goodbye to the departing coach (on which there are about 40 volunteers from all the countries involved in the March in the Middle East and the Balkans)

14.00 Depart from Taxim

20.00 Arrive in Thessaloniki

Welcoming of the marchers in the central square. Art perfromance and human peace sign.

Thursday 29th October


11.00 Forum on nonviolence at the University of Thessaloniki with hight school students.  Official salutations
13.00 Symbolic March in the city

14.00 Press conference

18.00 Open meeting: presentation of the March to the public

21.00 Opening of the photo exhibition

Friday 30th October


8.00 Depart


9.30 Arrive at the Medzitlija border (near Bitola), traditional greeting with ‘bread and salt’.

10.15 Meet the mayor of Bitola, gift of World March flag.  Folklore performance.

11.00 Depart for Resen.  Accompanying the March are young cyclists and motorcyclists from the Sport Union of Skopje

11.30 Meet the mayor of Resen

12.30 Arrive in the historical city of Ohrid.  Meet the mayor, and visit the main sights, brief speech on local history.

16.30 Visit the Saint Naum monastery (11th century)

20.00 Round table on “Peace and nonviolence, the only way for the survival of man”, with representatives from different cultures.

Saturday 31st October


9.00 Depart from Ohrid for Struga, accompanied by cyclists and motorcyclists.

9.30 Meet mayor of Struga, gift of World March flag, brief cultural initiative.

10.30 Depart for Debar

12.00 Meet mayor of Debar, hand over World March flag.

13.00 Visit Saint Jovan Bigorski monastery, brief ceremony for peace and nonviolence

14.30 Depart for Mavrovo Lake

16.30 Meet mayor of Gostivar

17.30 Arrive in Tetovo, meet the mayor, visit the mosque.

19.00 Arrive in Skopje, Delta Marathon Club marathon, sport demonstration in the central square of the city

20.00 Meet mayor of Skopje

Musical show with the Agushevi Orchestra, the Koro Racin Choir, the singer Saso Gigov Gis, the Mandolini Orchestra and conductor Ramadan Sukri. Performances by various artists.

Sunday 1st November

8.00 Marchers are accompanied as far as Blace mountain pass (Kosovo)


11.00 Arrive in Pristina, symbolic march in the city centre, meet organisations, press conference


23.00 Arrive

Monday 2nd November


11.00 Press conference and meeting with the delegation at the Museum of Cinema

15.00 Launch of cinematographic exhibition “Peace and nonviolence” at the Belgrade Museum of Cinema. Projection of the film “Valley of Peace” (1956) by France Stiglic

17.00 Projection of the film “Die Letzte Brücke” (1954) by Helmut Käutner

19:00 Projection of the film “The Best Years of our Lives” (1946) by William Wyler

Tuesday 3rd November


8.00 Depart


17.00 Welcoming of marchers

18.00 Gala ceremony – presentation of symbol of peace

21.00 Concert of students of music academies

Wednesday, 4th November

10.00  Symbolic march along the main streets of the city

12.00 Match of footbal, handball, basketball/depends on marchers

13.00  Front line tour with Mr. Jovan Divjak

20.00 Concert of famous singers


31/10 Press conference, playground for the kids with workshops (Playbus), Food not bombs (distribution of  food on the main streets of the city) and the concert

01/11 Playground for the kids with workshops (Playbus), Food not bombs (distribution of  food on the main streets of the city) and the concert

02/11 Round table, cinematographic projection /premiere

Thursday, 5th November

5.00 Depart of the marches


11.00 Arrive.

13.00 Press conference in Flower’s Square.

14.00 The marchers meet the population in Flower’s square.

18.30 Official meeting with the president of Croatian Republic, Stjepan Mesic

Friday 6th November


10.00 Arrive

11.30 Official welcome of the March in the Faculty of Arts (Askerceva 2).

Official speakers Dr. Valentin Bucik, dean of Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana; Mr. Zoran Jankovič, mayor of Ljubljana

13.30 Start of a march around park Rožnik – Tivoli, partly also on a “Eternal path”

15.00 Finish of the March on Presernov square

22.00 Concert in rog in behalf of World March for Peace and Nonviolence

Saturday 7th November


9.00 Welcome to the March: the mayor of Sezana greets the March and the marchers coming from Istanbul.

9.00 small march for everyone from Fernetti to Opicina. Arrival in Monte Re square and greeting of the authorities. Children of italian and slovenian schools welcome the March and the marchers with songs and poems.

10.00 Run for Peace. Peace relay from Opicina to Oberdan Square.


11.30 Trieste welcomes the World March. Auditorium University of Trieste.

Welcome from the Authorities. Presentation of the Table of Peace between boundaries. Danilo Dolci prize award.
15.00 Let’s do a huge human peace sign, Piazza Unità d’Italia

17.00 “We fell in love with the word PEACE: non-violence is on the way”: inauguration of the exhibition with the works in the contest.

18.00 Chorus for peace

20.30  PARTICOLARE#UNO concert, Miela Theatre.

Sunday 8th November


8.00 Depart

GRADISCA D’ISONZO (delegation)

ore 9.00 Meeting with associations and demostration in front of the CIE

AVIANO (delegation)

11.00 Meet the mayor and local associations. Demostration in front of the NATO base


9.00   Inter-religious prayer meditation

13.00 Welcome to the marchers. Departure of the 7 “disarming rays”

14.30 Arrival of the 7 rays

15.30 Departure of all the 7 rays for Monte Berico

16.30 Arrival at Monte Berico

17.00 Depart


23.00 Arrival

Monday 9th November

In Geneva 4 different routes will come together: the worldwide Core Team; the “Marche en Rhone-Alpes” which is arriving from Chambéry, France; the Swiss Team arriving from Zurich, and the Istanbul-Geneva Section.
11.00 Gathering on Place Neuve
12.00 Symbolic March from Place Neuve to Palais des Nations
13.00 Event on Place des Nations (Public Speeches of activists involved in the field of peace,nonviolence and disarmament. Musical presentations. Speech of the Mayor of Geneva and Colin Archer (IPB – International Peace Bureau), Rafael de la Rubia, Camillo Comelli, Yoris Demars.
15.30 Social gathering at Varembé Conference Center

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  • Annabella

    wow! we will follow you! take care:-) annabella

  • CONSTANTIN, Odette

    I will participate in all the events taking place in my home town Geneva. This is too important. So few events really reach their targets, that is to be heard by what we call in diplomatic language “decision makers”. So far what positive decisions have been taken toward peace? Why is it that none of the swiss federal government memebrs attend? Let’s shake them up!!