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14 October 2009

(English) The world march today: hope is all around


16 people of Middle East world march team from Spain, Italy, Argentine, Chile, Kosovo, French and Israel shared a very emotional and intense day, taking part to three importants events:

  • A symbolic act against nuclear warheads together with Israelian Greenpeace
  • A meeting in a multi – ethnic school in Kfar Kara
  • A march in Bethlem, from Manger Square to Aida Camp, dedicated to the world march.

30 members of both Greenpeace and World March team simulated a nuclear disaster on Armageddon mountain, the legendary location where, according to the Christian tradition, the final great battle between good and evil will take place.

Disarmament or Armageddon

Disarmament or Armageddon


Soon after we moved all toghether to a multi – ethnic school in Kfar Kara, a little Arabian village in the Israeli territory. The “Bridge over the Wadi” is a coeducational school attended by both  Arabian and Israeli students.

We realized that in places like this, where people believe and share a common project based on equality, despite of religious and cultural differences, peace could be reality.

In this school an Arabian and an Israeli teacher for every class, carry on the same scholar program teaching the two different religions separately highlighting their common points. Children and teachers welcomed the World March team with tales, songs and games. Childrens were very curious about us.

School arab and jewish Over the Wadi

School arab and jewish Over the Wadi

They made us a lot of questions and gave us t –shirts as a gift, with their messages of peace. Furthermore, youngest children gave us small flags, that we will bring to Punta de Vacas, the final stage of the March. This was a very touching experience for all of us (video) (photo)

Finally we went to Bethlem, where more than 200 palestinian people (among which many children and tourists) were waiting for us, getting ready to march across the city, starting from Manger Square to Aida Camp.

In the lead of the March, together with the european World March spokesperson Giorgio Schultze, there were Luisa Morgantini ex vice-president of the European Parliament, and the Bethlem mayor Victor Batarse.

The World March in Bethelhem

The World March in Bethelhem

The march ended at the wall along Aida Camp with a folk ceremony and the declarations of the personalities who take part to it. Among them Giorgio Schultze stated:

And now we’re here in Palestine, in Betlhehem.

The Land  where we can find the roots of our Cultures, our Religions, our History,

Lands where “David was born”, where “Jesus was born”.

The Land that could be one of most important and representative places of the Universal Human Nation but where today it’s difficult to live, it’s impossible to dream, where it’s not easy to raise one’s voice for Peace when violence has been unleashed, where someone thinks to imprison the life and the consciousness with a walls of cement. Only the strength of the nonviolence will be able to break the circle of violence and to bring down the grey walls of the hate and of the sadness.
We and you have the responsibility and the possibility, to put “the first and last word” about the solutions of the Isreali-Palestinian conflict…
This will be the first March spoken in many languages, involving millions of people and reaching even in  the most remote places of the planet by all means of communication.But this March is also a personal experience.Today, now, if for a moment, for one single instant,  everyone of us, in silence, can listen to his own heartbeat and say:

I feel the human in me

I feel the human in you

And it is exactly the same as the deep breath of the whole Humanity .”


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