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18 December 2009

Cape Town!

Today was the last day of our route, and we can say that we closed on a high note! Cape Town is a beautiful and unique city, here is where the waters of the Indic and the Atlantic oceans meet. People are very relaxed and friendly.

Today we had a fantastic meeting in the church […]

17 December 2009

Manhiҫa, Chopal and Matola – EastSouthen Africa route day 15

Day 15

Today early morning we were in Manhiça to take part in the events of celebration of the passage of MM in this city. We were greeted with enthusiastic chants of a group of children and local humanists, then we went to the place where they would perform the ceremony with a representative of […]

17 December 2009

Tofinho – East Southern Africa route, day 14

Day 14

Today we went to Tofinho (one of the beaches of Inhambane), a place where 500 years ago slaves were thrown against the rocks and angry waves. Today there persists a monument as a way to pay tribute to all those who were brutally raped. When we arrived we dedicate some time to meditate […]

10 December 2009

Maxixe, day 12

Hello everyone! Today early morning we left the city of Beira bound for Inhambane, specifically the city of Maxixe. Although it was a long and tiring journey and some timetable constraints, we arrive full of energy, eager to share experiences with the staff of the “land of good people”. Rosangela (member of the Humanist Movement […]

10 December 2009

Beira, day 10 and 11

Day 10/11


Yesterday, unfortunately, we did not have our event at the Estoril beach because of logistics issues L, so we took the opportunity to talk a little about the WM and go the venue of Mondays’ event in order to settle the last details. Today we made a short march that lasted 45 […]

10 December 2009

A very official reception inhambane, day 13

Day 13

Today we traveled to Inhambane from Maxixe, we were greeted with song and dance organized by the local municipality. Then followed a caravan, to the mayors office, with participation of 7 motorbikes in front of the cars followed by the Base team and eight cars of government officials, municipallity and artistic groups.

At […]

6 December 2009

Beira/Quelimane – Day 9

Hi! As we said yesterday the group split into two. Samira and Rui went to Quelimane, Carla and Ivo to Beira

We arrived in Beira at 12am, we were welcomed by Marta (member of the Movement that moved here from Maputo in order to streamline the preparation of events). Afer that we had lunch. In […]

6 December 2009

Africaaa! – Day 8

Here you will find photos of the day:


For the 2nd consecutive day, we had to wake up at 3am to get the public bus to Chimoio. After the trip of 6 hours, a significant part in non-asphalted and bumpy road, interspersed by small villages which are likely the people statistics refer to, […]

6 December 2009

Day 7 – Zambia Mozambique


The day began early for the SouthEast Africa team, so by 4 a.m, we had to drive the bus station, where we were to leave Zambia by 5 a.m bound for Mozambique, specifically the province of Tete. The journey from Lusaka to Katete lasted 6 hours, and the border with Katete Tete, lasted more […]

2 December 2009

Day 5 and Day 6


The Internet access here is a little complicated, that’s why we haven’t updated.

Yesterday (01.12), we participated in a march on the occasion of World HIV / AIDS day between 9 and 14 hours, with the participation of thousands of people, including community leaders, organizations, government representatives. The march began at Mulungushi (conference center) […]

1 December 2009

Arrival in Zambia


This morning, at 6, we went to the Jomo Kenyata International Airport to continue our route: Zambia.

It seems that we have some problems with flying, we arrived at 11h in Lusaka. It’s the second time that the plane is more than 1 hour late. Luckily we wont have to worry about that again, […]

29 November 2009

Assanti sana Kenya! (Thank you very much, Kenya!)


MOYO NA TEREMA (We are very happy!)

These are the words that we begin the synthesis of today and all this time we were here.

We had a day less rushed towards the former. In the morning we watched a documentary about Kibera dedicated to John Canyon, a man who fought to emphasize the […]