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26 December 2009

The World March review

Just before the end of each year it is customary to make a review and give awards; the best sportsperson, the best film, the funniest joke, etc.

I thought it would be fun to do something similar with the World March. With only 1 country left for me (Argentina) here is my personal review of […]

20 December 2009

Central America Bus Team

This has taken a few days for me to finish, but here is a photo of most of the people who took part in the Central American leg of the World March.

From left to right: row 1: Montse, Rafael, Jonathan, Angelika, Cecilia, Fulvio, Felipe, Alberto row 2: Sandro, Juanita, Gerard, Magaly, Micky, Tomas, […]

19 December 2009

Feeding time at the zoo – a day with Juanes

Here I am writing from Ecuador trying to integrate into my consciousness everything that happened in Colombia. We have received one of the best receptions of the World March throughout its entire journey so far, maybe it’s even been the best and, far and away, we have had the most success in terms of media […]

17 December 2009

Do you know the way to San José?

I’m not sure Dionne Warwick was talking about San José, Costa Rica when she sang, “I’ve got lots of friends in San José.” However, the lyrics fit perfectly.

Finally, after more than 70 countries through which the World March has passed we reach a country without an army and you can immediately feel the difference […]

14 December 2009

El Salvador

When I was a little boy I had an atlas and I was fascinated by the little countries of the world. I studied everything about Liechtenstein until one day I discovered El Salvador! It was so far away and so exotic; I never imagined ever coming here and now here I am…

The country is […]

13 December 2009

Guatebuena – Not Guatemala (and Honduras)

The day after our spectacular welcome in Tapachula we were up at 5:00am to head for the border and enter Guatemala. Guatemala is a land of myth and magic, of Mayan culture and indigenous struggles, of beautiful landscapes and terrible violence, of abundance and exploitation. The programme was intense so we had to split into […]

8 December 2009

Viva Mexico!!

We have just spent 3 days in Mexico. After splitting up in the USA all the other groups headed for Mexico City, but our group, after spending a very nice time with the San Diegans, crossed the hateful border wall into Mexico at Tijuana. What a contrast!! Bye, bye Miss American Pie! Hello land of […]

8 December 2009

San Diego

After rubbing shoulders with Hollywood movie stars our group of 5 drove from LA to San Diego. This is right on the border with Mexico but still very much USA although you get the feeling you are entering into a Spanish speaking country because of the road signs, etc. But it is still very much […]

4 December 2009

The World March goes to Hollywood

[I’ve added photos to the March in New York: see the entry here and then come back :-)]

It just keeps on getting better and better in the USA!

Of all the places on the World March agenda I had expected this place to be the most low-key. I came here about 10 years ago […]

1 December 2009

“It’s up to you New York, New York!”

“Start spreading the news! I’m leaving today. I want to be a part of it: New York, New York,” sings Frank Sinatra in my head as I reflect on what has been an extraordinary day.

Yesterday began at 5:00am and finished at 2:00am today, I was wearing my t-shirt on top of my sweater all […]

16 November 2009

Silo speaks in Berlin

The World March had two parts in Berlin. One was the March and events planned for the 7th and 8th of November (which were the dates planned back at the beginning of the process) and the second was on the 10th and 11th. This is because we had originally planned to coincide with the Nobel […]

13 November 2009

Balkan Team round up

The Balkan Route started from Turkey on the 28th of October and finished in Switzerland on the 9th of November. It covered 10 countries over 13 days. We met 2 presidents, did 7 marches, formed 3 peace signs, met numerous organisations and activists and spent about 70 hours in a bus.

32 people in all […]