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1 October 2009

Chatham Islands – Rekohu. Interview to Mana Cracknell

Mana Cracknell, jefe espiritual de la tribu Moriori.


30 September 2009

The Moriori People pass a “peace baton” to World March spokesperson, Rafael de la Rubia.

“Don’t waste your life fighting wars! All we take […]

29 September 2009

Rekohu island – photos


28 September 2009

The Maori endorse the World March

An excellent start for the Base Team! More than 250 people came to greet the International Team of the World March in the heart of Auckland, headed by their spokesperson Rafael de la Rubia, team coordinator, Marco Inglessis and members from 4 continents. They were gathered in the heart of Auckland in the presence of […]