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25 December 2009

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Weltweiter Marsch für Frieden und Gewaltfreiheit

ab Costa Rica 9.12.2009

Ich komme um 21.30 in San Jose Cosa Rica an. Diego und Mario holen mich ab. Wir kennen uns nicht aber es fühlt sich an als würde ich gute Freunde treffen. Im Auto auf dem Weg in die Stadt erzählen wir unsere Geschichten wie einem […]

29 November 2009

Carta a Magaly sobre la Pobreza,

Ya estamos en Senegal. Salimos ayer de Nouakchott, capital de Mauritania, pasando por larguìsimos kilòmetros de la màs terrible pobreza, de los basurales gigantes donde se mezcla vida, basura, gente, comida, vivienda, niños, mujeres, animales, cabras, burros, camiones, en una degradaciòn de la humanidad. Magaly, vivimos escapando de esto, y quizàs hacemos lo correcto ya […]

16 November 2009

Toledo Park

This train is the AVE, travelling at almost 300 km per hour from Madrid to Malaga. I see a dry, agricultural landscape go swiftly by. I meditate on what I’ve recently experienced: a very brief visit to Toledo Park, hurried as we were committed to a very brief tour of Toledo and our quick departure […]

10 November 2009


I get on the train in Prague to travel to Vienna in Austria. A train that’s clean, impeccable, almost empty, which slowly advances through the Prague suburbs, a city that you can see has open spaces, buildings painted with pastel colours, industries by the train tracks. At worst, a bit of mud, the effect of […]

2 November 2009


It’s 7:30 in the morning and through my window I can see the yellow, orange and green woods of the Swedish coastline. Small houses and sailing boats are just a few metres away; it’s as if we were by a small lake in the south of Chile.

Mariella is a great Viking Line ship that, […]

25 October 2009

Day of Peace in Savonnlina, Finland

Snow flakes are falling in Finland. I put on long socks, warm clothes and we go out to a little island by boat which we declare to be the first Humanist country. Everything is so peaceful in this zone, totally rural, with breakfast at the house of Juha’s aunt with homemade black bread in a […]

25 October 2009

Synthesis of Asia

I’m looking at the clouds over Russia. Aeroflot is carrying us on a long flight towards Europe. In other words, we’ve finished Asia. Curious, now the first stage is fulfilled, completed, it seems very strange, incredible. Things are definitely going better than foreseen; the truth is that it started in New Zealand with several fears, […]