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17 November 2009

First impressions of Morocco

We landed in Melilla, the Spanish colony (or a Spanish town or whatever you wish to call it) on African soil. It was refreshing that for a change there was NOBODY at the airport receiving us and we could arrive just like anyone. This changed situation remained temporary as we, the 10 members of the […]

16 November 2009

Malaga – light in the middle of the tunnel

Suddenly, we have landed on the lap of Mother Africa, and writing this in a bouncing bus rolling along the Moroccan coast. I have a lot of short scribbled notes from Malaga, but when I look at the timetable here in Morocco, I realize that I have to adjust a bit and include just a […]

16 November 2009

Madrid and Toledo

We arrive from Barcelona to Madrid’s Atocha main railway station, where in 2004 terrorist bombings took place on the 11th of March; known locally as “11-M.” Inside the station building there is a memorial space, and after a press conference we enter that guarded room. We are instructed to stay quiet before entering. Inside the […]

15 November 2009

World March conquers Barcelona

Hello all, as obliged in Tony’s last entry, I’ll try to be poetic and precise and give you some impressions and informations from the Base Team journey during the following days. I haven’t got yet a login of my own, so maybe the author here reads Bhairavi Sagar, but it’s Juha Uski.

During the last […]