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31 December 2009

Down the Paraná

I’m uploading this post from Mendoza, on New Year’s Eve. We just arrived and it is 6 in the morning. In case I don’t get the chance to update the blog before 2.1., I’d just like to say that Buenos Aires and San Luis have been really fantastic and, well, see you in the mountains!


31 December 2009

Resisting violence in Resistencia

Argentina is the last country on the route of the World March. For me, it’s the 12th country in a route that took me through 4 continents; for some, who started in New Zealand, it’s approximately the 35th country, within 3 months.

From Asunción, we travelled (again with a bus) to Resistencia, in the province […]

27 December 2009

Young power in Asunción

Fabio and Nicolas, the dudes from Asuncion, came to pick us up from the hotel in Foz de Iguazu at 5 a.m. on Christmas morning. We had spent the 24th in Foz, visiting one of world’s natural wonders, the Iguazu Falls (Iguazu is guarani and means “big water”) and holding a free day. Foz de […]

26 December 2009

Little London

After enjoying the smooth organisation of the events in Sao Paulo and the festive spirit of Rio, part of the Atlantic team travelled to Londrina, in the Southern Brazilian state of Paraná. Together with us travelled the families of Glenda de la Fuente, Atlantic route coordinator of the […]

23 December 2009


Sao Paulo has 19 millions of inhabitants. Admittedly we could not bring them all to march with us, but the cameramen and reporters of several national television channels marched backwards in front of us and on the following day we heard from the Brazilian organizing team that since the march arrived to Brazil, there had […]

20 December 2009

Nite and day in Rio and Niteroi

After two weeks break – one in the USA and another here in Rio – I’m joining the Base Team again. Please excuse my ambitiously long blog entry – after a long pause from the blog, this is probably some kind of a compensation.

Myself and Petra Klein, who is now accompanying the Base Team […]

4 December 2009

In the USA

New York was fantastic. I share the experience described by Tony and the great thankfulness for the organizers and the special guest dr. Lafayette for the inspiration and the energy transmitted between us on those moments. Nothing to add about that first day.

On the second day, a group of marchers walked through the clear, […]

29 November 2009


Africa, the stigmatized, beaten down continent, who needs to rise up and overcome the past and the present where it has been exploited and oppressed by colonial and neocolonial powers. The peaceful, strong, beautiful, joyful, open and decent people, who have been robbed of their self-worth and who have had to accept their role as […]

28 November 2009


Looking through the airplane window, I see a beach… and sand that continues for thousands of kilometres. A thin black line crosses the empire of the sand: a road. In some place, the sand has overcome the road. I wonder – maybe on our way, we get blocked by the sand, or overtaken by a […]

23 November 2009

The Art of Peace in Canary Islands

From where I come from – North Europe – the Canary Islands means “holiday in the beach.” I’ve never before visited here and never thought of the Canary Islands as a part of Africa, but actually – like Melilla – it is an African part of the European Union, and its original inhabitants were African […]

21 November 2009

Goodbye to Morocco – for now

Our last bus-day in Morocco started softly, as we did not leave Agadir at 7 a.m. like in the original plan but at 11 a.m. Not only did some of us go to the beach in Agadir but also in Guelmim most of us went to a hammam, a local bath. Not quite the same […]

19 November 2009

Tour de Maroc continues

We started from Nador with a half empty bus, but along the way we came to understand that it was a half full bus, as more and more people joined the caravan and the bus became step by step converted into a Moroccan singing, clapping and dancing party, where Base Team members try to fit […]