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24 October 2009

The Moscow Metro: the World March’s greatest challenge!

We are taking nearly all forms of public transport which is not something easy… And the Moscow Metro was a true test! Or how to keep a smile and faith while going up and down hundreds of steps with 20kg cases… Watch and learn! Peace truly made us sweat!

The Moscow Police intercept us […]

17 October 2009

Korea: video story

9 October 2009

Philippines, 6-7 October: 120,000 steps, 81 km, Manila and Lucena

The more we move forward in our adventure, the less words I have… and it’s hard to tell. And yet, I have to transcribe these such-strong emotions that we have just experienced to feel connected with you…

Our welcome in Manila was just incredible. Upon our arrival at the airport, a wonderful welcoming committee awaited […]

2 October 2009

Day #1 video