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20 December 2009

Central America Bus Team

This has taken a few days for me to finish, but here is a photo of most of the people who took part in the Central American leg of the World March.

Central America Bus crew

From left to right:
row 1: Montse, Rafael, Jonathan, Angelika, Cecilia, Fulvio, Felipe, Alberto
row 2: Sandro, Juanita, Gerard, Magaly, Micky, Tomas, Victor, Rafa
row 3: Charles, Isabelle, Miguel Angel, Ester, Kai, Oralia, Tommaso, Sinthya
row 4: Emilia, Pierre, Luis, Sinthia, Guillermo, Tony, Bhairavi, Hugo

We passed through Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.  We unveiled one monument, inaugurated one square and planted one tree among the many, many wonderful activities that the local organisers arranged for us.

It was an absolute pleasure to spend an intense week on our bus with these people.  I’m sure none of us will forget the experience of bringing the World March to Central America.

Thank you to everyone who made this leg of the March possible and so memorable.

With a big hug


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