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10 December 2009

Beira, day 10 and 11

Day 10/11


Yesterday, unfortunately, we did not have our event at the Estoril beach because of  logistics issues L, so we took the opportunity to talk a little about the WM and go the venue of Mondays’ event  in order to settle the last details.
Today we made a short march that lasted 45 minutes at the beginning were very few but by the time we got to the Recreation Center (place were the event would take place) the numbers were sufficient J.
There we had a short conversation in which members of Team Base shared their experiences of travel in the African Route, and clarified some doubts. Then we watched the video “History of Non-Violence”, and finished the event with a football game that was very good!
Samira, Rui and Mauro joined us today from Quelimane, this team now has 6 participants, 4 permanent who joined the Martha and Mauro members of the HM that were in Beira and Quelimane respectively to boost local events .
At noon we had a dinner with local traditional food where about 20 humanists once again talking about the organisms, and the Park.

That’s all for  today, we return tomorrow to write from and about Maxixe!

Carla, Ivo, Rui, Samira, Mauro, Marta

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