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10 December 2009

A very official reception inhambane, day 13

Day 13

Today we traveled to Inhambane from Maxixe, we were greeted with song and dance organized by the local municipality. Then followed a caravan, to the mayors office, with participation of 7 motorbikes in front of the cars followed by the Base team and eight cars of government officials, municipallity and artistic groups.

At the the mayors office we had time to have a conversation with the mayor, Mr. Lourenço Macul who made a few questions about the WM and was truly interested in the subject, taking the opportunity Samira invited him to take part in the grand event to be held on January 02, 2010 in Punta de Vacas.
At the appointed time we entered the seminar room that was already full. The event began with Mr. Macul who welcomed the BT and read the message he had prepared especially for the occasion. Very beautiful words spoken!

This was followed by some explanations about the WM given by Samira and also by reading the Charter of an ordinary citizen to the worlds’ powerful by Ivo interspersed by an audio-visual presentation. We also gave a diploma as a thank you to the city of Inhambane.

In the exterior of the building we made a beautiful symbol of peace. This was followed by presentations of various artistic groups that have challenged the skills in dance of the BT(we did well, always under the leadership of Rui – our dancer). One group sang a song that had the message: “boys of WM, carry on with the strength to achieve your goals”. Finally, listening to the sound of enthusiastic timbila we said goodbye to all present!

Tomorrow we expect to talk informally with the city mayor and visit a historic site on the shore of tofo beach.

Many hugs

Carla, Rui, Ivo, Samira, Mauro, Marta, Rosangela, Tania, John

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