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6 December 2009

Beira/Quelimane – Day 9

Hi! As we said yesterday the group split into two. Samira and Rui went to Quelimane, Carla and Ivo to Beira

We arrived in Beira at 12am, we were welcomed by Marta (member of the Movement that moved here from Maputo in order to streamline the preparation of events). Afer that we had lunch. In […]

6 December 2009

Africaaa! – Day 8

Here you will find photos of the day:


For the 2nd consecutive day, we had to wake up at 3am to get the public bus to Chimoio. After the trip of 6 hours, a significant part in non-asphalted and bumpy road, interspersed by small villages which are likely the people statistics refer to, […]

6 December 2009

Day 7 – Zambia Mozambique


The day began early for the SouthEast Africa team, so by 4 a.m, we had to drive the bus station, where we were to leave Zambia by 5 a.m bound for Mozambique, specifically the province of Tete. The journey from Lusaka to Katete lasted 6 hours, and the border with Katete Tete, lasted more […]