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1 December 2009

Arrival in Zambia


This morning, at 6, we went to the Jomo Kenyata International Airport to continue our route: Zambia.

It seems that we have some problems with flying, we arrived at 11h in Lusaka. It’s the second time that the plane is more than 1 hour late. Luckily we wont have to worry about that again, as from now on all the traveling will be by bus.

During the preparation of this route there were some problems with the communication with people in other countries, so that we were not certain which activities were scheduled. When we finally got a permanent connection the WM day was already close, so all the organizational team was in a race against time.

Despite that, we were received at the airport with lots of joy and enthusiasm from the Zambians that were expecting our arrival. Afterwards, we went to the home of some humanist friends, to have lunch and exchange some ideas in group.

We also had a meeting with the humanists at the centre of the Community for Human Development to clarify the activities for the coming days.

Tomorrow at 8a.m. we’ll participate in a march, with the presence of a representative from the government.
We’ll tell you how it goes!

Lots of Peace, Force and Joy for all of you!

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