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22 November 2009


(Italiano) Dopo le chine e il fiatone un albergo tranquillo ci voleva proprio. Non me ne domandate il nome, riesco a ricordare solo l’ultimo, quello dove abbiamo dormito l’altro ieri, forse solo perché si chiamava Hotel Meka. Quel primo albergo a Tangeri era un po’ nel nulla, come se il nugolo di turisti-cavallette si fosse […]

21 November 2009

Goodbye to Morocco – for now

Our last bus-day in Morocco started softly, as we did not leave Agadir at 7 a.m. like in the original plan but at 11 a.m. Not only did some of us go to the beach in Agadir but also in Guelmim most of us went to a hammam, a local bath. Not quite the same […]

21 November 2009

(Italiano) Tangeri e il Minza Hotel

(Italiano) Questo viaggio è unico, magico. Con le sue luci e le sue ombre, certo, ma irripetibile.

Oggi è stata una lunghissima giornata. Scrivo alle due di notte, le tre in Spagna e in Italia, ma domani siamo liberi di riposarci fino alla partenza del treno per Rabat, alle cinque del pomeriggio. Stento a crederci. […]

19 November 2009

Tour de Maroc continues

We started from Nador with a half empty bus, but along the way we came to understand that it was a half full bus, as more and more people joined the caravan and the bus became step by step converted into a Moroccan singing, clapping and dancing party, where Base Team members try to fit […]

17 November 2009

First impressions of Morocco

We landed in Melilla, the Spanish colony (or a Spanish town or whatever you wish to call it) on African soil. It was refreshing that for a change there was NOBODY at the airport receiving us and we could arrive just like anyone. This changed situation remained temporary as we, the 10 members of the […]

16 November 2009

Malaga – light in the middle of the tunnel

Suddenly, we have landed on the lap of Mother Africa, and writing this in a bouncing bus rolling along the Moroccan coast. I have a lot of short scribbled notes from Malaga, but when I look at the timetable here in Morocco, I realize that I have to adjust a bit and include just a […]

16 November 2009

Toledo Park

This train is the AVE, travelling at almost 300 km per hour from Madrid to Malaga. I see a dry, agricultural landscape go swiftly by. I meditate on what I’ve recently experienced: a very brief visit to Toledo Park, hurried as we were committed to a very brief tour of Toledo and our quick departure […]

16 November 2009

Madrid and Toledo

We arrive from Barcelona to Madrid’s Atocha main railway station, where in 2004 terrorist bombings took place on the 11th of March; known locally as “11-M.” Inside the station building there is a memorial space, and after a press conference we enter that guarded room. We are instructed to stay quiet before entering. Inside the […]

16 November 2009

The Malagan Posy

Seville smells of lemon blossom, a penetrating perfume that climbs up the walls of the Alcazar and pursues you through the corridors, up the orange tree lined steps; Malaga and Jasmine. After a comfortable journey on the AVE and the usual warm welcome surrounded by flags and hugs, we were taken to Mercy Square, where […]

16 November 2009

Silo speaks in Berlin

The World March had two parts in Berlin. One was the March and events planned for the 7th and 8th of November (which were the dates planned back at the beginning of the process) and the second was on the 10th and 11th. This is because we had originally planned to coincide with the Nobel […]

15 November 2009

Florence and the fifteenth century

Too bad, I had no voice.

I am the only Italian that will do the World March from beginning to end. I had the honour of being able to march in Florence, the cradle of my culture, my history, the cradle of Humanism, that primal cradle, the cradle of the fifteenth century Italy that radiated […]

15 November 2009

World March conquers Barcelona

Hello all, as obliged in Tony’s last entry, I’ll try to be poetic and precise and give you some impressions and informations from the Base Team journey during the following days. I haven’t got yet a login of my own, so maybe the author here reads Bhairavi Sagar, but it’s Juha Uski.

During the last […]