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29 November 2009

Assanti sana Kenya! (Thank you very much, Kenya!)


MOYO NA TEREMA (We are very happy!)

These are the words that we begin the synthesis of today and all this time we were here.

We had a day less rushed towards the former. In the morning we watched a documentary about Kibera dedicated to John Canyon, a man who fought to emphasize the positive aspects of this great community, showing people determined to change their environment (usually all referred to the slums is associated with poverty and suffering).

In the afternoon, we had a great and happy surprise, Dina, from Uganda, completed the converging route and joined us!
We are very delighted by her presence! …
We also met some humanists and exchanged ideas on various aspects of Humanist Movement and the 3rd African Humanist Forum. It was very good and fruitfull sharing experiences of several countries (Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda and Italy).

Unfortunately today ends our passage through Kenya. We are impressed by the high quality event that was organized here. We had amazing experiences and made friendships that we hope will last forever :).
We will take all of them in our hearts. Thank you!

Lusaka, here we come ;)


Carla, Rui, Ivo, Samira

1 comment to Assanti sana Kenya! (Thank you very much, Kenya!)

  • Avon

    I love to read the lively, heartfelt postings. They really capture the flavor of the occasion.
    It is useful that the bloggers date each entry.
    But it would be much better if the bloggers also stated what city they are reporting from! This weekend I see Nouakchott (I know where that is) but also a neighborhood name that I cannot place (perhaps in Kenya or Senegal).
    I am in New York City. I am so sorry that we had such warm weather on the weekend of November 28-29, and then cold rain with winter-like winds arrived on Nov. 30! Luckily the March today proceeded through our City in high spirits, with lots of colorful (and waterproof) flags and banners.