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28 November 2009

Amani Africa!!!


Today at 7:00 we were again on the radio PAMOJA for 45 min.

Next, we went to local government administrative offices in Kibera (DO’s office), where the march began. Kibera, the largest slums of sub-Saharian Africa with over 1 million people, was chosen because it had a high level of violence, and earlier this month faced a conflict between three communities which ended in the murder of some people, and also for being a living example of the need for urgent and profound social transformation.

The march began at 10 o’clock (1 hour late due to rain) and had about 40 marchers. Before departure the representative of the Government welcomed the team and stressed the importance of this march in Africa and especially Kibera. Then we started the journey to the sound of exciting “Amani ehhh, Amani ohhhh” (Amani means peace in Swahili). Along the way we were singing and handing out leaflets, and several people joined us. After 30 minutes we arrived at Kamukunji Grounds for the second part of the event.
There were several cultural performances, all with a message of peace and nonviolence. Samira made the delivery of the manifesto and the Charter for a World Without Violence to the government representative who promised to make it reach the defense minister and prime minister on Monday.

We also had speeches from Samira, Charles, and the chair person of the peace wing of the Kibera Kamkunji grounds. All the speeches were based on the importance of the march and the need to uphold peace and practice active non violence.
One fact that surprised us greatly was that despite all the violence and all the problems they face, throughout the event they always been kind looking, a welcoming smile, dancing, singing, and helping us in everything we needed. Many, many thanks. It was a unique experience and which shall remain in our hearts.

After finishing the event, we all had lunch at Kobole’s house(one of the Humanist members), where we ate Ugali, Nyama choma (roasted meat) and a mix of sukuma wiki and kachumbari:).

It’s all for today.

Carla, Rui, Ivo and Samira


Sendoff with the government representative


The March of the March


Peace and Nonviolence dancing


Rui, representing!

Cops for Humanity

"Cops for Humanity"


Group photo at the end

PS: I’ll send some more pics later on.

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