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19 November 2009

Tour de Maroc continues

We started from Nador with a half empty bus, but along the way we came to understand that it was a half full bus, as more and more people joined the caravan and the bus became step by step converted into a Moroccan singing, clapping and dancing party, where Base Team members try to fit in between the seats with their laptops and mobile internet connections.

Today in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, me and Pierre spoke at a youth forum meeting, representing the young people in the team – though I’m not sure whether I belong to that category of youth anymore, but I have a deceptive babyface. Then the whole Base Team had a high profile political meeting – with Ahmed Siba from Mouvement Populaire, a member of the Parliament and one of the top political figures in the country. He really liked our message and took our invitation to come to Punta de Vacas.

The plan had been to go to Casablanca, but we were late and the national television 2M wanted to interview and film us in Marrakesh, so we drove directly to Marrakech, a World Heritage old city. After the television interviewed Rafa, Martine and mostly our host, the great local coordinator Kabir, who is from Taza but lives in France. Then the local drummers inspired us to a spontaneous dance, which the national tv camera loved to film and also followed us to the food stalls and filmed us eat Moroccan couscous and seafood..!

Tonight we still have hours of journey ahead before we reach Agadir, so it’s another long day in the bus. Anyway, Kabir and the other local organizers have admitted that the calendar has been a bit too ambitious and tomorrow we expect to have some relaxing and refreshing surprises – some of them they have revealed and some not, since surprises are a part of the Moroccan culture.

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