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16 November 2009

Malaga – light in the middle of the tunnel

Suddenly, we have landed on the lap of Mother Africa, and writing this in a bouncing bus rolling along the Moroccan coast. I have a lot of short scribbled notes from Malaga, but when I look at the timetable here in Morocco, I realize that I have to adjust a bit and include just a few observations, even though Malaga was one of my favourite experiences – laid back and happy. The march was full of joy, with the Mayor also participating and speaking up actively, and the city of Malaga is so beautiful and peaceful. Best part of it is the Andalucian culture, it’s music and passion that inspires profound joy. For Base Team member Luis Silva, this was home ground and he took an active protagonist role in the events, like this morning’s event with hundreds of schoolchildren. The march last night was fantastic with traditional music and dance, and in the event in the evening, great spirit from the children group Latas por la Paz and the associated band whose song together with the children was a real explosion of joy!!!

Interesting detail in the march in Malaga was also that the march went through a tunnel – and we shone the light in the middle of the tunnel in this march and event that was also a celebration of 1 years birthday of the World March – one year from the launching event in Punta de Vacas 15 November 2008! The March, now passing from Europe to Africa, is halfway to Punta de Vacas – one and a half months on the road, one and a half months to go!

Sent with mobile connection from the bus in Morocco!!!

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