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15 November 2009

World March conquers Barcelona

Hello all, as obliged in Tony’s last entry, I’ll try to be poetic and precise and give you some impressions and informations from the Base Team journey during the following days. I haven’t got yet a login of my own, so maybe the author here reads Bhairavi Sagar, but it’s Juha Uski.

During the last weeks I joined the Base Team in Finland, Sweden and Denmark, and also attended the Nobel peace laureates’ summit in Berlin. For me, of course the greatest experience in the march has been my native country Finland, and I really don’t expect that anything in the march can be more meaningful an experience as doing something big in one’s “own” country. However, already I have to admit, that in terms of speeches, those of Mairead Corrigan Maguire and Annie Lennox in Berlin moved me deeply – and certainly it was also a fantastic experience to witness the great singing performance of the German humanists.

In Barcelona, the home city of Base Team member Montserrat Ponsa, I met again with the Base Team. It was great to see that everyone was fine, and in Barcelona we were well cared for with a luxurious accommodation. The new members of the Base Team – Lars (Lars Rosenblum – not Lars Kramer Kristensen who is known to many humanists), Kai, Jacqueline and Dieter – appear in the team with their special characteristics. Yesterday in the big march through the city Kai opened his bag of wonders and came out with a horn that Isabelle and later me kept honking in rhythm with the shouts of “pau, forca, allegrie” (or however “peace, strength and joy” is correctly spelled in Catalan), and some exotic scarfs that he was juggling with, dancing ahead of the march like the mascot of the march. Or one of the mascots, since here there was many colourful figures moving about.

We were all especially impressed by the march – there was no lack of energy and colourfulness and life in the march in Barcelona! Particularly memorable to many were the fantastic drum ensemble and the enthusiastic group of children. The Base Team started marching in the front, with a banner that was so wide that often the street was not wide enough for it and we had to bend the banner. Along the way, one by one the Base Team members started disappearing from the front and started moving around the march and accompanying the different colourful groups. I noticed that in the end we were more or less Pierre, Lars and me in the front, accompanied by a flock of enthusiastic 12-year-olds who kept shouting “paz, fuerza, alegria!” The next generation of humanists is already coming forth with strength and conviction!

Report from the march in Spanish television

Earlier in the day, before meeting again with the team, I had a little walk in Parc Güell, one of the world famous architecht Antonio Gaudi’s masterpieces. Then I joined a part of the Base Team in the humanist neighborhood center where the first preparatory event of the World March was done in July 2008 – the “week of creativity.” We ate at the place where the first public materials of the World March were prepared and photos taken. Also a World March team travelling through Southern France arrived there with their van and motorcycles, and after the meal we found the entire French group gathered around Pierre, listening attentively to the teachings of Pierre the guru from the Base Team. Well, since I don’t understand French, I could only imagine the content of the speech but in actual fact the stories of Pierre were probably less esoteric than what I imagined.

While some of us were at the humanist center, others were divided in groups, attending to several activities. I don’t even have the full picture of what activities and places the Base Team participated in. After the March, everyone gathered at the Arc de Trioumf for a cultural event. Myself and Juanita were taken from there to a village close by, Sant Cugat, which is a middle class or higher middle class neighborhood.

In Sant Cugat, the event was organized by three ladies, who were not activists, had never organized such social activities, and were not associated with any particular organization. They had found out about the World March through the internet, and as they told us, when they started organizing things, everything worked out perfectly and smoothly, without any resistances on the path, with “flow.” The event was peaceful and moving, with attendance of about 100-150 persons; tibetan bells, spiritual chanting, and big hearts on the ground, where one can write their peace message. In our speech we referred to what Silo had just told in Berlin: that the strength of the march is based on the simple act of a person – any person, ordinary person, rich or poor – that joins a dignified cause and shares it with others.

Pictures in Pressenza page


World March in Parc Güell :P

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