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7 November 2009

My tribute to the Anonymous of the World March

At Gandhi's memorial Park

At Gandhi's memorial Park

What I’d like to share today, is the exemplary generosity of all the people involved and engaged in the success of the March. There are thousands and thousands… There are those who lend their car and act as chauffeurs to take us here and there when we can’t take public transport; those who print out our documents and timetables; those who organise our transfers; those who guide us on the metros or on the streets; those who organise our plane, train or bus tickets; those who struggle with the consulates for our visas; those who coordinate the press; those who set up sound systems and deal with technical things; those who prepare our meals or our pack-lunches; those who make the World March accessories; those who decorate the streets with our banners wherever we go; those who prepare the conferences and panel meetings; those who seek permission and authorisation from the relevant departments; those who organise our internet connections or sort out SIM cards; those who disseminate the images and the videos; those who have travelled dozens of kilometres on foot to be with us or to offer us, at the end of a pilgrimage to a sacred river, a small pebble that will bring us luck; those who organised workshops to prepare gifts and to offer us some drawings… and many more! Everyone who opened their heart.

I’m also thinking about all those who came to march with us and who we didn’t see, those who have take time off work to join us, those who have travelled for a day to be there, those who have organised themselves to bring their children, those who’ve come despite the cold, the wind and the rain. Or even those who have braved the ironic and cynical comments of their friends or their loved ones to bravely express their support of the values that we wish to promote. Because, if there is one value that I’ve seen throughout each demonstration, it’s courage.

And everyone, like the members of the base team, has given themselves and their money, their salary or their finances, without calculation.

How many of these brothers and sisters have I met who have given months of their lives and their income, often dearly earned, to the World March. And to reserve for us, the best possible welcome! How much shared generosity, abundance of food, even in our poorest host countries… For a few moments of sharing with us, for a few days in their countries, they give us everything. And then we’re on our way again and we will probably never see each other again…

And they are working in the shadows. They receive nothing like we do; the limelight and the recognition that goes with it… They don’t get to bask in this human goodness around the world. We are in the photos and in the videos and our souvenir album will be a treasure for us. We have been successful in gathering the sums necessary to live our dreams, something that others can’t do.

We are their “spokespersons” and partly their “heroes”, as some have said. We, members of the base team, have, without doubt the best job and I’m aware of it, even if everyone has not been able to be in the photos or to travel the world…

So, I’d like to pay tribute to the humility of these men and women who are building the World March with us, asking nothing in return, no flowers or praise. I bow down in front of their humility from which I take inspiration.

Maybe we are the flag bearers but you have a strength that we have not: the ability to shine and dazzle in the shadows of anonymity and from the sidelines.

9 comments to My tribute to the Anonymous of the World March

  • claudie

    Quel hommage Isabelle, quelle émotion profonde tu transmets dans ces lignes. Merci de ces larmes de lumière que tu produis ce matin.

  • Sebi G.

    Que bello gesto, digno de una Isa-belle persona como tu!

  • Juan E.

    Beautiful Isabelle!

    The force of union expressed in this World March, and we are just a few compared with the world population, but it will shows the world how powerful it is.

    Also there are hundreds of organizations not mentioned in your post that did an awsome work connecting people with organizations with governments with media…, being a backbone for the sucess of this World March. My sincere thanks to all of them.

    Take care! thanks a lot


  • Remígio (Mozambique)

    What a touching testimony…
    … im lost of words…

  • Anita

    Dear Isabelle!
    I am very touched by your words. If i wasn’t at my workplace, i would be in tears. In the tears of happiness and elation. Thank you!
    Big hugs to the whole Base Team!

  • […] Most of all, I think I speak on behalf of the team when I say a big thank you to all the friends in all of the cities and towns that we’ve been to over these day who have come out to support us.  And I fully echo what Isabelle wrote previously. […]

  • Ciao Isabel,
    grazie per questo contributo che viene dal tuo cuore…grazie per aver condiviso con me questa meravigliosa esperienza della equipe base per oltre un mese..Vi raggiungo nuovamente tra poco a Dakar !!
    a presto e tanta pace nel cuore a tutti voi..

  • Mayra

    Ma chere soeur Isabelle, aujourd’hui, j’ai eu la nécessité de revenir à ce poste pour être rappelé que le travail que nous faisons est à la fois nécessaire et apprécié. Un peu de gens très engagés peuvent apporter dans une conscience mondiale énorme et c’est ce que nous faisons.

    Je sais au plus profond de mon cœur que nous sommes UN! Mais les actions en faveur de la Marche Mondiale font le savoir ressortir à la surface de mes activités quotidiennes et pour cela, je suis très reconnaissant!

  • Angelo F.

    J’ajoute deux lignes ici, parce que je ne le peux pas faire sous votre écrit de Fuerteventura, car les comments sont fermés.
    Je vous remercie, parce que les bonnes questions sont toujours inconfortables mais nous font vivre mieux, plus en profondeur.
    Merci beaucoup