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4 November 2009

Phenomenal evening for the World March in Prague (1st part)

My friends, what a mobilisation!  What an atmosphere!  And so many young people…  Well, we are not naïve; a good part came to hear their idols, the finalists of “Superstar”, equivalent to “X-factor” in the UK, who came along in honour of our visit to the capital.  What does that matter given that the Superstar finalists came for us… And later, while marching, one of them came to us and said, “You know, you are my heros…”

We have also been impressed by the presence and support of a gospel group, “Harlem Gospel Choir” from New York with which President Obama sometimes sings!  Yeah…

And finally, an incredible March accompanied by more than 8000 people… the majority young people, more concerned for peace than the stars of Superstar…  Ouf!  Let’s see the blog tomorrow…

5 comments to Phenomenal evening for the World March in Prague (1st part)

  • Carla

    wow! Just AMAZING
    Truly inspiring…!

    Hugs from Mozambique

  • One of the best days in my life :) btw. that interview was a betrayal! I’m not a good speaker and in that moment i didn’t know what to say! We hope that you won’t forget on czech’s The World March :) And although we are not personally with you Base team, we are still mentally together :)

  • aurelio

    sarajevo la marciamodndiale per pace funziona bene li anno bisosogno di pace e serinata e niete e diritti umani per i profughi bosnici e serbi e speriamo che i governo aiuta loro a vivere bene che mette tutti documenti a posto per loro

  • Lorrie Roberts

    It’s beautiful to see this all coming together–the many countries getting involved. Just Beautiful.

  • Wright Salisbury

    Tell Obama. He’s our president, but he isn’t listening to the people who elected him. He’s just continuing a failed war. Nobody ever wins a war on foreign soil, so why does he thing we can win this one?