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2 November 2009

A sparkling welcome in Prague

What a special reception our friends from Prague gave us on our arrival at the airport! A band of folk musicians and dancers injected us with intense joy and we needed it! Our group has been through a little turbulence and it has taken us a few days to find the serenity and peace that we so heartily wish to circulate. We must start with ourselves, right? We remain focused, and do not lose sight of the importance of our mission and succeed, against all odds, to overcome some pitfalls along the way that are the risks of heavy fatigue and the occasional difficulties of living in group 24/7. Shouldn’t we lead by example, inspire and manage our differences in non-violence?

The music of our Czech hosts dissolves our tensions and we regain the altitude! We end up dancing and laughing together like kids reconciled after a quarrel in the playground!

A warm welcome, has an added a surprise, not least, a 5 star hotel in the capital, “The Prague Imperial” wished to support the World March by inviting us for 3 nights! After sleeping-cars in India, Russia and Finland, 4 nights in youth hostels in Sydney or Copenhagen, or 25 people in the same room in New Zealand, New Delhi or in Wellington…. This we are overwhelmed with gratitude! What a luxury to sleep and wash in perfect conditions!

At 6pm, we wait for a press conference at the hotel. The room is overflowing and the atmosphere is cheerful. No less than 5 Czechs stars are personally moved to come support us, including the Czech (and international) superstar of song Karel Gott sings in 13 languages!

Organizers of the World March in Prague are so professional that we are shown videos that summarize the whole of our journey to the Czech Republic as well as all the events celebrated around the world on October 2 at the launch of our action.

And when I saw on the screen the thousands of people around the world who trust us with their dreams and their hopes, their support and admiration, I take on more than ever, the measure of our commitment and our responsibility to find peace, to keep one’s head held high and heart opened.   We may encounter a few disappointments or hardships on the road. Our group is a miniature world with its tensions and richness. What we are able to overcome, others are also able to overcome…


3 comments to A sparkling welcome in Prague

  • claudie

    Grandiose Isabelle, encore merci de nous faire partager chaque étape et ses surprises !!

  • gwen

    Merci, merci, merci Isabelle pour ton article. Un énorme merci !
    Et surtout beaucoup de paix et de force pour votre aventure.
    Je vous envoie PLEIN de bien être !

  • Remígio (Mozambique)

    Guys, you are a source of inspiration!

    (Great post Isabelle, it’s a side of the Base Team we hadn’t seen, and you didn’t show us, but we understand…)