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27 October 2009

A call from the Bank…

“Hello Mr Robinson, this is HSBC bank.  Sorry for troubling you.  Would it be possible to confirm some unusual transactions that have appeared on your account in recent days?”

“Yes, go ahead.  Right now I’m in Prague airport about to board a plane to Istanbul.”

“Ok, I’ll make it quick.  Last week did you pay for internet connection in Tokyo airport?”

“Err, yes…”

“Ok.  And did you later that day withdraw money from a cash machine in Seoul?

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Fine.  Two days later did you withdraw money from a machine in Moscow?”

“Yes, I did”

“And the following day did you pay for internet access in Riga?”


“And then you tried to buy a train ticket in Warsaw but it was rejected.”

“Yes, that’s right I was going to call you about that.”

“All of that was you?”

“Yes.  And by the way, right now I’m going to Turkey so please can you allow me to withdraw money from there and also from all the countries between Turkey and Switzerland in the next 2 weeks.”

“Yes sir, if you give me a list I’ll put it on the computer.”

“What you want all of them?”

“Yes please, sir.”

“Ok, so that’s Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland”.

“Sorry, Greece, then?”

“Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland”.

“Errr, don’t worry sir, I’ll just put down that you’re travelling in Europe.  When will you be back in London, sir?”

“Errr, the 16th of November.”


I didn’t have the heart to tell him where I’d be between the 17th November and the 2nd of January!

It’s great to be back Marching again.  With a big hug,


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