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26 October 2009

Pierre left behind in St. Petersburg

In a journey like ours, one of the worst things that can happen is loose sight of your passport.  This is exactly what has happened to Pierre (the Belgian)Pierre San Petersburgo

This morning, after breakfast and already with suitcases prepared for getting on the bus, came the moment of revision.  Someone, usually Rafa, calls out, “Ok, let’s see your passports!”  And among jokes, we comply with the routine of checking the documents are in order.  This was the moment when he found his passport missing.

We checked luggage, clothes and the rooms and it didn’t appear, so with no other choice we had to leave our friend in Saint Petersburg.

Fortunately there is Juan Carlos who lives there to give him a hand.  Tomorrow, if it hasn’t appeared before he will have to go to the consulate to get a copy and be able to continue his journey.  We hope he will be able to make it to Helsinki.

A hug for him and we wish him the best of luck

Luis Silva

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